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Quit Saying Your YouTube Channel is a Podcast

I don't want to die on this hill. We are all content creators, but we are confusing our audience.
1. Video podcasting has been around since 2005. See
2. You don't have to do audio AND video. You can just be an audio podcast and create content unshaven, in your pajamas, makeup-free.
3.A true podcast is delivered decentralized via RSS so if Spotify drops me, you can catch me in many other apps. With YouTube if you get kicked off of YouTube (centralized), you are somewhat screwed (and off to one of those other video sites with a fraction of the audience).
4. One comedian who ONLY promoted his video (and not his audio) had his audio OUT-PERFORM the video 10 to 1

I care because we are confusing the audience, and the word is losing it's meaning and the meaning of words is important.


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00:00 I have to say it
00:22 Bad information
00:40 Video podcasting is not new
01:20 What makes a podcast a podcast.
01:53 Calling a YouTube video a podcast, does not make it a podcast
02:10 Curmudgeon Corner
02:26 We are all content creators
02:30 Why care?
03:25 Is this offensive?
03:35 Embrace Your YouTubeness!
04:08 A Comedian only promoted his video podcast (not the audio)
04:33 More to listen than watch
04:50 Wrap Up