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Someone Stole My Podcast Idea - NOW WHAT? ATPC 1/2/21

00:01:17 Sponsor:
00:02:32 Someone is Doing My Podcast
00:04:55 Someone Took My Name
00:07:52 Check Your Dates When Scheduling a Podcast
00:09:22 Jim is Using the Motu M2
00:19:26 Do I Need th Zoom P4?
00:23:53 Zoom Audio is Meh
00:24:27 Thanking Our Supporters
00:26:46 Dave Loses Power
00:29:13 Supporters Part 2
00:30:25 Showers Are Great Idea Farms
00:31:40 I Didn't Get Much of a Reaction on Social
00:34:46 Should I Be Selfish?
00:37:29 You Have To Know Your WHY
00:38:46 Hindenburg Webinars
00:41:32 Supercast Woes...
00:42:38 Gets a Face Lift
00:49:01 New Years Eve Stuff
00:53:11 Podcasting is a Political Topic
00:58:24 Red Circle Overview
01:03:20 Does Swapping Hosts Get More Downloads?
01:06:54 Be Careful With Domains and Feeds
01:08:05 Simplecast?
01:11:31 What is Clubhouse?
01:15:56 Perceived Value?
01:18:16 Gary and I Left the Ramones
01:21:31 Dave's Plans for 2021?
01:23:41 Dave Loves
01:27:22 Jims Plans For 2021

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