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May 15, 2015

Website Hosting Bigger Vs Smaller Companies

Website Hosting Bigger Vs Smaller Companies

Website Hosting Bigger Vs Smaller Companies

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Website Hosting Issues

[spp-timestamp time="1:48"] Dave has been with forever (you can get 25% off using the coupon code " podcastcoach " ). He loves their support, but lately it seems like he is having more and more issues. He is thinking of moving the School of Podcasting to before he does jim and Dave talk about some optional website hosting companies like Maplegrove Partners.

ClammrDicusssion with Daniel J Lewis.

Daniel is enjoying sharing other content, consuming other content (without subscribing to the show), as well as sharing his own content. Daniel is from the Audacity to Podcast What do you think of doing a show that would be super short like 20 seconds long. A short podcast makes you get to the point. [spp-timestamp time="10:45"] Is there a difference between a and just (looks like a caching issue - and it was). TheSimple Podcast Press plugin now allows you to jump to a certain point in your show. Dave, Jim and Daniel talk about working with smaller companies. [spp-timestamp time="17:40"] Do something nice for someone else Dave contributed to Kathy Kelly's book about Autism. Kathy successfully raised Nine thousand dollars towards to publishing of her book.

Small Company Discussion (Continued)

[spp-timestamp time="20:10"] TheSimple Podcast Press plugin now allows you to jump to a certain point in your show. It will also make a list of your past show (coming in the future) and you can also change the color of the player. Workign with smaller companies that can pivot and change quickly unlike a bigger company that has to go through a committee.


Podbean Update - Now Available with a Redirect

[spp-timestamp time="25:45"] Dave is confused by their front page, and it turns out they do have a way to redirect your show podcast RSS feed. They do have support (I had to use them once when my downloads stopped working for no reason). kind of dodged the question to a yes/no question. came on the scene recently so I sent them: 1. How do you make money (business plan). A: Some of the podcasts have ads on their searchable directory index page on page. Those ads pay for the costs. 2. Do you change my mp3 file name? 3. Do you change my mp3 ID# tags? 4. Do you change the bit rate of my show (stereo/mono/bit rate) A: 2 – 4 – Those are all part of our management portal. These are yes no questions, and when you don’t answer them I assume the worst.  5. Do you supply an RSS redirect in the event I don’t want to use your service. A: We do not at this time. 6. Is there a way to show my rss feed from my website (that I use to manage my show) instead of the RSS feed from A: You could create a redirect URL on your site which you can give out and have it just redirect to ours. Notice  the tech support person is trying to get me to redirect my traffic to their website. (Or its a person who doesn’t understand podcasting, or they don’t want to display anything from your website). In speaking with Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast, he had stated that he had some email exchanges and they seemed open to putting a link back to your website. Take it for what it’s worth. I see it as a platform for secondary distribution.

Podclear and Soundcloud are now out of Beta

Podclear is a way to record skype calls, and Soundcloud has been rumored to be losing money and looking for schedule D funding. The worst case scenario in the past was Podango which was a media hosting company that gave their customers a week to leave.

Mixlr free year for Jim ran out.

Their interface is a bit confusing at time.

Michael Ray Has Questions About Owning Your RSS Feed

[spp-timestamp time="41:17 "] Dave uses Libsyn's feed for his show. When his website had an issue, his show came out as it always does because Libsyn was fine (and his audience is subscribed to his RSS feed on Libsyn). The Ask the Podcast Coach using PowerPress (and the built in RSS Feed). You need to control your feed. Here is a video help explain why. Dave recommend Backup Creator to backup your website/wordpress.

 ADHD Think Tank Menu Questions

Menus are used the create the navigation for your site. You should have at a minimum a Contact Page, and the About Page. From there its up to you. You can use the cryptx plugin to cut down on people spamming your podcast. You can look at other websites to use as ideas on how you can create your menus.

Next Week Will Be the First Ever Dave-less Show

Dave will be out next week, but Jim is going to get the keys and Drive.

Recording On the Road

Kathy wants to know record on the road. You can use the Voice Memo app and upload it to Dropbox. There are other tools like Bossjock Studio, and Rode LE on your phone.


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