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Aug. 14, 2015

What are Good Show Notes for Your Podcast

What are Good Show Notes for Your Podcast

What are Good Show Notes for Your Podcast

Dave is back from Podcast Movement and ready to talk podcasting. Thanks to Mike from for sitting in last week.

2:30 I Should Have More Listeners

Everyone wants more listeners (even Tim Ferriss). We are in a peak of podcasting, and people may get disenchanted. Don't do things just because everyone else is doing. John Lee Dumas in his speech at Podcast Movement stressed being unique. The average is around 2000 downloads per episode. Find your best audience listeners and put 80% of your effort into them and let them be your brand advocates. Dave did an episode a while ago that you can market like Jesus

5:00 Key to Great Interviews is Listening

You can hear Marc Maron's key note here

10:00 Reaching Out to Your Audience is a cool tool to put your chat. You can call your audience if they use something like because you can see their phone number. Apparently the CEO of reached out to Jim to thank him for mentioning the service on the phone. Dave is using Fresh Desk to make sure he doesn't lose input from his audience. 

15:37 Skype with Call Record vs Google Hangout?

Jim loves Hangouts. He loves the ease of use. Dave prefers Skype as he feels the audio is better.

16:40 Getting Rid of Hiss

Ray Oretga has a great video on making sure you have the right level going into the mixer HERE

The gain is like spicket, the channel volume is like the nossle of the hose. might be something to try. It looks promising for recording interviews. is another service on the horizon. is another new one. (HOW DO WE KEEP UP?)

25:39 Jim's Workflow

The Hands On of Podcasting and Walk-thru of the Process for The Average Guy – HGG224

27:23 Dave's Castermind

I will be creating a few more Casterminds (Group Coaching) if you're interested please go to

You have to know what your strengths are and choose to use your strengths. Dave feels one of his weakness is being assertive to chase people. 

34:40 What are Good Show Notes?

Kim from wants to know what makes good show notes? You want to deliver value in the show notes. I try to make a summary to hopefully inspire the reader to be a listener. I'm not a fan of transcriptions. For me, I have to tweak them so much, I might as well type them from scratch. Simple Podcast Press makes it super easy to make tweetable references. Dave likes for transcriptions if you go that route.  You might look into Dragon Naturally Speaking to transcribe your audio. Jim likes Dave's show notes, and Dave likes Daniel J Lewis' show notes at

53:30 Problems Getting Guests?

Look at your community. The "Big" guests are not always the bests guest. Find people a who can bring value to your audience. 

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