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Dec. 12, 2021

What's Up with YouTube and Podcasts?

Different shows are saying different things. Is it going to merge with Google podcasts? We play two clips and scratch our head together.  Tascam Mixcast 4 Update: Last week we had an unpleasant situation and I had a call with some Tascam...

Different shows are saying different things. Is it going to merge with Google podcasts? We play two clips and scratch our head together. 

Tascam Mixcast 4 Update: Last week we had an unpleasant situation and I had a call with some Tascam representatives and they are shipping me a new one. I've not had any issues and I used it all week. It's a solid unit. Check out the Tascam Mixcast 4

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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



David Jackson  0:00  
Ask the podcast coach for December 11 2021. Let's get ready to park

there it is. It's a different kind of music. It's still Saturday morning. It's time for Ask the boss. Yes, coach, where you get your podcast questions answered live. I'm Dave Jackson from the School of And joining me right over there is the one and only Jim Collison. How's it going, buddy? Greetings, Dave, happy Saturday morning to you kind of threw me out. Yeah, that was a surprise. You didn't tell me that was coming. That was great. So you got authentic? You got an authentic reaction? I did. And yeah, so we you know, we don't say this enough. If you want to join us live, you can go to ask the podcast coach comm slash join. And if you're joining us live at Ask the podcast coach comm slash live, then feel free to throw quite we have a lot of things we can definitely catch up on today. Yeah, there's a lot of material out there. Yeah, let's that makes me kind of thirsty. It does make you kind of thirsty. So we got it. We got it. There we go. Oh, it's back. And of course, that pour is brought to you by our good friend Mark over at podcast If Are you looking for anything to look better? I think I can do this. Oh, there's Mark behind this kind of all you have to do is go to podcast branding co mark is an award winning graphic artist. And he's also a podcaster. And so I What was I doing today? Or last night I was doing something I'd say this every week. I upload my logo. And I'm like, oh, yeah, that looks cool. And it just it's one of the things that once you it's one of the things you do once you get it right and it just pays for itself over and over and over. So whether that's lead magnets for your logo or your artwork, go see Mark over at podcast branding co you will not regret it and tell him Dave in Jim sent you. And see I thought that was it. I thought I was gonna do good. But the guy doesn't start saving

because I was close like Well, what I did different to save rather than having two buttons. I made the jingle 60 seconds long. And but that was both it takes some amount of skill to because one you got to kind of Yeah, time it just right. The other one you got to just time it just right. Yeah. Like both of them require you timing. Yeah. And speaking of timing, sometimes you're not sure. That's it. I'm trying to spin this into Dan and I'm just crashing and burning because our good friend, Dan, Feb over there based on a true story podcast based on true story. if you're if you're looking for podcast, and you know it's like historical you want to know, are these movies like I went and watch a dune last night and I was wondering, wonder if dunes based on definitely not based on a true story. So but he has other ones out there like Project Blue Book. Check it out based on a two story podcast kind of movie. Nice. Well, we should probably update everyone on if you listen to last week's episode. There were parts of it that you just couldn't make up where the task am just not being my friend. Terrible. Yeah. And kid, I had to reboot it once. And then I rebooted it again, and it locked up, it completely froze. And for me, the definition of a good company is not how things go when things are good. It's how do things go when things are bad. And so they must have heard the show? Because I got an email that said, Hey, can we get on a zoom call. And what was really cool about it is I had, I don't know if he's the head, he's definitely up there in the marketing arm of Tascam. And I had watched videos on their YouTube channel. And I want to say his name was Shawn, but that's probably wrong. But I was like, holy cow. It's the tech dude from the YouTube channel was on the call at the same time just asking me

what to do so yeah, stuff and they they got back to me in a big way. And I explained to them what happened and this and that. And I I don't know if it's warranted anymore. This thing's been on all week, and I've not had a problem. They're sending me a new one anyway, they're sending me a replacement one. So that A was really cool. B. And then the other thing if you ever get an upset customer, this is how you do it. You grab a piece of paper in one hand and a pen in the other and you ask them what else can we do to make this better and then you just shut up and listen. And so I told them I said well, the the inability to switch banks when I'm recording is kind of a hindrance. I I don't use a ton of sounds but I do like

The fun that you know I can now myself and things like that. And I like the fun that I can make myself sound like Satan go. But that's two buttons. Now that takes me down to six. And they said, so if we could switch them, that'd be great. If I could actually actually have like a VU meter, you know where you can see, like, right now I see blue. And when it gets light blue, I know I'm getting close to that. Can we actually have numbers? So I know what I'm recording at. And I just gave him a list of a bunch of things. And they're like, Yep, good, good, good. And they can't,

you know, they didn't give me an exact date. But they are going to do a firmware update in the future. And I just explained to them I said, you know, I like the road caster. I like the way I sound on this. I said, I actually like the way I sound a little better on this. I like the noise gate feature a little better on this. And this, I like this combo. I mean, I like what you have going on here. I'm sure sound wise, it would sound very similar on the road caster pro there. Yeah, but But I this is a really, this is a really good lesson. I applaud them for coming back. I mean, it's not like we made up a bad review. Like, right, it just we were just trying to do our job. And it didn't I mean, you could see what happened to it. It's not like, you know, it's not like we were trying to be unfair, you know, reviewers go one of two ways. They're overly overly positive, or they just rip it apart. And, you know, we didn't, I don't think we had any intention of if it would, if it worked. I think we would have been like, this is awesome. And it did. It just didn't. We'll make it through today and see how see how it goes. I think we'll probably be fine. Well, the other thing I'm doing today that I didn't do last week. Oh, and it's funny because I set this up so I can have clubhouse going and set up a clubhouse and then it's not going because it's I got to plug my phone in. But I do have my iPad set up to

play jingles today. So if why we have I have to apologize to Mark King who sent in a question. But before we get to the question,

and now

Unknown Speaker  7:05  
he's been waiting for this. It's time for Jim to get his nerd on.

Jim Collison  7:15  
But yet been waiting a while for that one. We haven't we haven't played that. Yeah. And so the cool thing is if you go out to ask the podcast, Coach comm there's a little button in the bottom right hand corner where you can record a question. And I've sent this over to Brendan, the maker of pod page to go. You might want to like have it set up. Like if somebody use the contact form I get notified and things like that. Is it can we get a notification that you've received a voicemail? Because unfortunately, Mark sent this in a few months ago, and it's been sitting there and I just never noticed this. Are you sure that doesn't work? I thought it did. It might be an issue. Maybe I've just set it up. Yeah, but here's here's Mark's question.

Unknown Speaker  7:54  
Hey, Dave, and Jim, Mark King here, longtime listener first time caller with a quick question about SD memory cards. Thanks to Dave, I am the proud owner of a new zoom by direct before and thanks to Daniel's podcasting deal alert email. On Prime Day I was going to upgrade my SD card. So I clicked over to Amazon, holy cow head started spinning from all the sizes, formats, transfer speeds brands. So jam I guess a question maybe for you or the techies in the chat

Unknown Speaker  8:30  
from Microsoft, from your perspective, I guess, what features should a podcaster care about in an SD card? And what sort of minimum thresholds in terms of size transfer speed all that kind of stuff seemed like a good idea for podcasters particularly save versus what a videographer might want? A lot of the promos and product descriptions and stuff talk about HD and 4k video, which seems like super overkill for audio. So just curious. And while you're at it, if you got any brand recommendations, that would be great. Obviously, I guess shoulder length would be a key variable, my recordings around about hour and a quarter to an hour and a half. So would appreciate any thoughts? Thanks a million guys. There you go. Thanks, Mike. And again, my apologies for taking so long to get this on the show. We'll definitely be looking at that much closer in the future. It's a really good it's a really good question in in for each of the manufacturers. When you think about what you own in what uses SD cards by the way, SD cards of the wild wild west like it is still I mean it's gotten better over the last two to three or four years but there's all kinds of different formats is confusing you get out there do I need the ultra Do you know what do I get this? Do I get that? Alright, so if you have a piece of equipment that needs an SD card, you need to go to the manufacturers website and look at specifications they will always give you a recommended I say always that's probably too strong the word they should give you

Jim Collison  10:00  
A recommended list of the SD cards they recommend if they don't just contact them. It's really that's this is really the best way to go about it, because they've built and tested that device with those cards. And there's different you know, there's three or four different kinds of cards you can buy and sizes and some of those kinds of things. They've usually they built them for a specific card. So make sure if you have a piece of equipment, make sure you're reaching out to the manufacturer and say, Hey, what's the what's the best SD card for me in this? Generally, generally speaking, if you can't get that

the end, you go on Amazon, do the thing, Dave, remember how he gave some advice, like when you're thinking about asking what your for your price is a consultant and you, you you pick the price, you would never the bottom price, you would never do it for the top price he would laugh at, then you pick somewhere in the middle. Buying memory is a little bit like that as well. You know, think about your own budget, that you probably don't need the high end, you want to really stay away from the low end. So you kind of want to pick that kind of price in the middle. Yeah. And then from a size perspective, you probably want to buy three or four times more than you think in need. Even though audio so think about your audio files, I think it's a I think audios at about a meg or two a minute, right? So you don't have to get gigantic ones. For this, you want to get really big SD cards for but you never know what you're going to use with that in the future proof fit, you never really know how much you're going to need, right? So get get a comfortable amount, right? You know, get a I mean, if you can get in that quarter to a half a terabyte range on those cards, they're, they're pretty inexpensive. Let your budget decide as well. So get the most you can for what you want to spend on the thing. So I know I didn't give you any exact answers. But But that's kind of how you want to work through a decision tree like that they check the recommendation first. Get something that's kind of budget friendly for you don't buy the cheapest, don't buy the most expensive and then get what fits the budget.

David Jackson  12:05  
There you go. And I guess they need to come up. Here we go. We'll use this one.

I didn't realize. Yeah, I turned it down. I was like holy cow. Sorry about that.

Thank you, Miss Eileen.

I didn't realize that I turned this on on the Wii I have I've been approved to monetize my YouTube channel. So let's have an awkward conversation.

Jim Collison  12:35  
Very generous. What happens? Yes. That was very generous of her. Thank you so much. What are we doing with what is that? That's not a super chat. Is it? That's a I think it is? Is it a super chat? I think it's a YouTube? Yeah. So like, we know, the awesome supporters. And you just oh, that's yeah. So super chats for years. Really? Oh.

David Jackson  12:56  
All right. Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

Jim Collison  13:00  
Listen, it's just great. Like, it's just great to be here on Saturday mornings, like I get enough value out of it as it gets. All that gets messy. By the way. That's a great. I mean, we talked about this all the time to you did the right thing he asked me, he just asked me hey, what are we doing? What do I do with this? And I could have said, well, let's just split it. But that's kind of a hassle. And I really listen, I really value what you do Dave and at this Chris, consider it Mike Krishna, it's cheap, not not gonna.

David Jackson  13:24  
Well, I'm the Well, this brings up a cool thing. Because Thank you, I think you just gave us the perfect transition. I'm going to be playing and not playing. I have a thing on my YouTube channel that says New videos every Wednesday. And that was not the case in 2021. It was at the beginning. And so I'm really gonna sit down and kind of make that more consistent. Plus, there's going to be podcasts radio shows, obviously has the podcast coach, if I was smart, I would do Joe Rogan and take ask the podcast coach, pull it down and put it out is like, like I just a little SD question. Could be one video. Yeah, but can we have this conversation? Like you've already lost a good chunk of your Saturday? Yeah. Right. That's why we don't do that. Do you really need more things to do, Dave? But I hear so many people now are starting to freak out about YouTube. And podcasting. And this is from Tim Schmoyer. Who does the Video Creators Podcast. He's a really good guy have taken his course. And so this is why some people are getting all like, oh my gosh, YouTube. Now I guess a little bit more interesting. A few weeks ago, a Google spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that they hired chi chuck to, quote, manage the large volume of existing podcasts and relationships across the YouTube platform and quote, they have intentionally hired one person to oversee this entire thing right and I can't see I probably shouldn't put myself in this position. There's other things coming to that will be really exciting that I've had an opportunity to see so

YouTube is making an effort behind podcasts here. Okay, so and I think that's the part they're really through. And he's like, I can't really say blah, blah, blah. But I think we're kind of running into this thing again, where people are calling a YouTube channel, a podcast, which content they're all content creators. And of course the curmudgeons will go, wow, there's no RSS feed show is not a podcast. Okay, so when I hear YouTube hired a podcast thing, I'm like, to me, it almost sounds like they're treating it which they should it's a network that my guess is maybe the the Big Shot smarty pants, people now have an actual, you know, YouTube person to help them manage, you know, and make sure they're happy. Another What do you think, Jim? Well, I don't hear YouTubers calling themselves podcasters as much as they call themselves YouTubers, right? I mean, I don't that that is I mean, I Yes, I hear more podcasters putting their podcast on YouTube and saying it's a podcast, which, that's where I think the the line really gets Gray. I don't really care. Well, who cares? Who really cares what it's called? That's me. And then on the feed, Rob, actually, Rob Walsh, reached out to Google and said, Hey, are you guys moving? This is the other big thing is they're gonna move Google podcasts into YouTube. And so they got a response from YouTube. And Google responded with following. Can you read this? Yeah. So Google said, quote, per your question regarding Google podcast, and YouTube, YouTube is already a home for podcast content, and is continuing to grow as a differentiate differentiated platform for podcast consumption. YouTube provides benefits for podcasters across reach monetization options and diverse content experiences. But ultimately, YouTube and Google podcasts serve different needs. Both served podcast listeners today. And we are not changing this right now. Thanks to the Google podcast team for that response. And it is very different. I mean, the Google podcast is based on RSS. YouTube is not. There we go. So do you think RSS is coming to YouTube?

Jim Collison  17:23  
Oh, you used to be able to buy way, way back in the old days?

Yeah, it was a hack. It's gone. But But do you think RSS has come into?

That would be that would that would make things different now, wouldn't it? If you because the other thing that Tim was talking about, is there's a paid feature, where you can listen to music in the background. It was part of YouTube, plus read whatever they're calling it this week, that that came that showed up in Canada for free. And then chapters came in, right, you can add chapters to YouTube stuff now, just by putting time codes. And they were just like, those are more listening tools then. Yeah, you know, it was like, YouTube's 10 seconds away from just hosting audio. Yeah. Like, why wouldn't they? That's the dumbest thing in the world. I mean, forget to dominate the space for media. Yeah. If you if you to put turn on RSS, and or whatever. And hosted audio feeds. Look, it's it's, it's game over?

Like, why would anyone you know, I just don't why haven't they done it yet? There must be something they have all the pieces parts. Yeah, maybe they just don't want to support that. Sure. You Dave. You know, that's this is your job. This is what you do you support people who have RSS feeds. And you know, like, and YouTube doesn't have customers? Well, they do but it's hard to get to. Right? They don't it's not like they have Dave Jackson who's out there. You can call him and get your RSS fixed. Right? So maybe they're holding off on that until they get it completely automated from an audio standpoint, because that YouTube doesn't really do much until it's completely automated. By every solution they put out there like yeah, this is really a no touch solution. So Miss Eileen, chiming in here. YouTube channels do have an RSS feed however, it's not valid for podcasting. I did not know that. I use my YouTube RSS feed to auto post content. That's why she's Miss Eileen. And she speaks I believe that was that was her podcast so she has a different one now tree tree falls in a forest and no one's there to hear it but it really make a sound so is it really an artist? I guess? I think an RSS from a content standpoint when we think of posting content to that they do you know you can now just like do posts in YouTube, right? You could you do that right? You can go in there and go to the like on your YouTube channel. Just make a post. So from that standpoint, right, but I guess not enabled for the

for the audio for the audio

opponent of it. So there we go. I was I guess I was thinking in terms of an RSS feed from an audio delivery standpoint, right. That's what we were talking about. It's, it's like you said, though, if they ever decide there's two things about that, on one hand, you think game over. On the other hand, I go game over for about a month and a half, and then Yeah, they'll change. No, right on right on that, you know, I was just being dramatic. But But yeah, it's not. He would it would make a dent? Yeah, it would, it would definitely make a dent. Could you imagine? I mean, the

when the anchor debacle, could you imagine if YouTube all of a sudden just started saying I would think they would charge out the gate for that thing? You know, yeah, that just would slow it down a little bit. Be like, okay, we're not gonna necessarily do this for free. But it's hard to say like videos harder to host on the host that for free. Yeah, they have a notification engine built into that, and the subscription engine and all that other kind of thing. What if they completely revamped that and just kind of said, Hey, we're not going to try to compete with podcast comm to host companies. We're just going to enable all of that just like we do video.

David Jackson  21:10  
They've got the I went on, they had these to have audio ads, they might still do. But they were doing audio ads for radio and for other things. They tried that. I don't know if it's still around. But I remember at the time I thinking, Hmm, I should go and dynamic ad insertion. It's like that's a new thing. I mean, they could they could do that easily into the audio and just it just become an audio only platform. But it'd be nice, I guess. You know, if they had a player that just played the audio, why not?

You never know. Why not? Somebody asked in the in the chat room. It was earlier I was trying to find it. About how your translation. Oh,

Jim Collison  21:53  
yeah, I need a jingle for this. Jim's gonna talk translation. But it's cool. It's technology. It is super cool. Yeah, it is super cool. This week, I did Portuguese and Spanish. And Chinese the week before Chinese is still by far the best Portuguese is pretty bad. Spanish struggled a little bit. But it's still it's still working really, really well. And I listened through this week when we did Spanish. I just did that one yesterday. And I listened with a Spanish speaking person on the other end of teams. And I was sending notes to him saying is this right? Is this what I'm hearing? Is this right? And I was we're getting 75 or 80% of the what I was sending over to him, right? He was like, Oh, crap, you're gonna replace me, aren't you? I was like, No, I'm not gonna place you. It's not that good. And it doesn't speak for me, it just gives me an audio transcription right when it would, it has a voice to that would play I find the voice kind of annoying and isn't it hasn't really worked well in Skype. Okay, just just as a reminder, these are to Skype, I play the video client on one PC, it's connected to Skype on that end, I have Skype in language, whatever. I'm listening to Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, whatever. Those are the languages we support. And they're all supported in Skype doesn't do every language. I have that Skype client set to that language, then I have Skype running on my Mac, and I have the two connected. And then so it's playing in and translating from one side, you have to do a request the other client to accept the translation. But then what I'm hearing and what I'm seeing in the transcription is a translation of what's coming from the other sites. 20 seconds behind. It's a little clunky, still, but it does work. I was able to I was able to formulate questions from the conversation. And they were shocked that the Chinese ladies that I was talking to him, we were in Mandarin.

They kind of looked at they could see him on the screen. And they're like, oh, he was really listening. Like how in the, in the chat room for Portuguese. They were like, Jim's Portuguese. It's got a little bit better. Like because I was they were making comments. And then I was making comments back in English in the chat room to what they were talking about. You know, just 20 seconds ago. That's enough. Right? So yeah, pretty great.

Yeah, very, very cool. Yeah. Yeah. Stephen had given me some links last week for some Google stuff. And I just this was the craziest everybody's training. I don't know about Lipson. Oh, but at Gallup, everybody's trying to jam the rest of the years work that didn't get done into the next two weeks. Well, and so just having a second one thing I was planning on in your, obviously right now, it's not the time to do this to plan it. But Lipson had a webinar, where we hinted and showed off very quickly some of the new Lipson five stuff. And if your lips if you're using Lipson, you can use Lipson four and five. At the same time, it's not exclusive. Like if you go to five, you can't go back to fortnight you can use them both. And so we're kind of doing that but we're giving away amazon gift cards and T shirts and yada yada yada and all sorts of fun stuff. And it was everybody just said it was fun because the the sales pitch was really small. I mean there was

David Jackson  25:00  
Just very little, it was like a scavenger hunt. It's like, hey, go take a screenshot of your show using a Lipson five player, that kind of stuff. So it was kind of fun and things like that. And I just thought, you know what podcasters should maybe try to do something like that. I don't know if I would try to do it now. Because like you said, it's we're down to crunch time. With the holidays, Chris Christmas for me is today. I'm actually going to my brother's eyes to exchange gifts, but it was,

it was kind of fun. You're not going to be sitting around by yourself on Christmas morning. I do. And everybody freaks out. And I go, No, no, I had Christmas. It was on the 11th It's were completely fine. And I play Xbox, and I have a good time and nice. Try to take the Browns to the Super Bowl usually. On my end, which is funny. That reminds me I really need to plug in my Xbox. Because I play Xbox like three times a year because normally I'm doing podcast stuff. And when I do it's like Oh, hold on we have we have to install this 10 gig. Yeah, it's huge. It is huge. It's, you should start Christmas Eve downloaded the install. So Christmas morning when you wake up, it's ready. I also, I bought myself a gift that I have not unwrapped. And that is a I'm gonna hang a flat screen in my exercise room. Because I've got a flat screen. Remember the thing that used to roll behind me? Yep. Yeah, that's in my kitchen. And I'm like, I don't watch TV. In the kitchen. I thought I would, but I don't. And I was like, I should probably do that. So I have a 24 inch touchscreen in front of my treadmill. And I want you to videos and learn stuff while I'm walking. It's very, very helpful. That's the plan. Yeah. All right. Well, I had a topic here. I thought we could talk about here before we get to our awesome supporters. This is a quick on. How do you feel about reruns? So it's it's the holiday season. Don't want to take a break. We've talked about that before. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to say Hey, welcome to ask the podcast coach. Today we're doing classic ask the podcast coach. This is from, you know, August 13 of 2019. It's me and Jim answering your questions. Do you listen to that? I think the regular listeners don't I think if it's a subject that someone wanted to hear again, they would if it's a bad stuff, I think they the chances of them listening to it are better if you took three or four best of moments. I think that you got a better shot at them listening than just a whole episode from August many will be like oh, well it's the holiday season. They're gonna make a decision pretty fast. Do I have time or don't I sum who needs something to fill the time will probably listen to it. Others will be like I heard this already. And it's old news. That's see that's me if I'm a regular listener, and I hear it's a rerun, there's a really good chance I've already heard it. And I forget what I was watching the other day and they still do those where you have like the remember the time and then bring bring bring like a heart person. Yeah. Just show a rerun of cloud. Yeah, it was a you know, that explains that it was from the 90s I'm now going back and watching the Fresh Prince. Oh, yeah. Cuz I just for whatever I love Will Smith, but I never watched I saw a couple of episodes. And was like, huh, alright, so but, you know, you know who I've never, I don't even care if it's a rerun, who I never get tired of our awesome supporters are awesome supporters. And so the of course, the first person that we need to think of course is and I've even got a jingle

That's right, James over at the dog Podcast Network. And right now, if you go over there, he's got a great episode, where they went over the top gifts for 2021. And here's the cool thing. This is dedication to your craft. There's some sort of dog Oh, I should know a dog box dog bark. Something. Go listen to the episode. But there's a a brand of dog food that apparently is so healthy for your dog. That James actually tasted it. And I was like that is dedication. Like, yeah, nicely done. So if you want to, if you need a show to listen to while you're walking your dog, or they've got long show short shows, it's all over there. If you have a dog, you should go check out dog podcast network and get your podcast on with your pooch. But we always think our $20 supporters, awesome people like Glenn the geek. Let's get Glenn in here. Don't be boring. Thank you, Glenn. He's never boring. If you like horses, you should go check him out at Horse Radio Shane over at Tor If you operate a Tor business or plan on starting one, that's the podcast for you over Tor Felix over at the Latin Podcast Awards, where they're dedicated to enhancing the visibility of Latin X podcasts, and they've been around since 2017. Check them out Latin Podcast Awards calm. Max dress got at Aviation news So if you're a pilot, you definitely want to

Check that out.

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That could be that you know, that could work. I will go to work. I will say something I was playing with this week. I know I did it a couple weeks ago. And I now know why it was Matt Green Screen is not as easy as it looks. I was I've seen videos where they're like, just make sure you have good lighting. And I watched Lauria Petrucci, at

the video pros I want to think is her brand.

And she had a really great video on how to do green screen, and she has the exact same green screen I do. And what she does, first of all I need and I'm going to do this sometime this week, I need to scoot my it's going to work weird, I'm going to have my desk smack dab in the middle of the room. Because you need space between you and your green screen because otherwise you end up with shadows over it. And the problem is with the the kind of pull up green screen I have the further I get away from it, the smaller gets. So you you end up in this weird little situation. But that was one that I watched that and was like holy cow. Now I understand why this green screen thing isn't working the way I want it to wasn't bad. But it just the way my lighting is there was one spot down to this one corner where the the Green was much darker down there. Then it was like in the upper right hand corner, something like that. And that's where and you can kind of tune it out. But here's the other problem you have. If your hair is not as thick as it was when you were say I don't know 24

Then the green will start to shine through your hair. And that's when I went I finally just went to Lipson I go Can we because I was doing some videos for Lipson this week I go let's just ditch the green screen for now I go because everything I do is just it's not it would be fine for a Dave on YouTube thing maybe. But I might for lips. I said I don't want to stamp lips and branding on this. This is not quite good enough. So that was a fun look.

thing but man, if you she was showing of course, she's the other thing I thought was really cool is at the end, she's she made it snow, and all sorts of stuff in her video, she was doing this cool video thing. And she said, Now before we leave, I need to let you guys know, she goes, I don't have the top top top Mac, she goes, but it might be like one notch down because they've come out with a new version since she had that. And she said, you know, if you for all the stuff she was doing, like she had multiple layers of snow one was in front of her one was behind her. And then she had this green screen and a Christmas tree and all sorts of stuff. And she goes if you have a Mac, your your whatever it is your processor is gonna kick in here. So

yeah, and that's what Chris has got the the thing that's killing me, because you live in a house by yourself, just pick your studio, I should move to the living room, because I'm never out there. And the one thing that kills me is when I grew up here, we had a finished room in the basement. And my dad just let it go to. And my dad let it go to. There we go, I forgot I had that button. And that would make a great room because it's a rectangle, it's square and long. And I could easily put that in there. And Jim was thirsty. I forgot to do this for

Jim Collison  36:15  
the room, you can't, you can't just tear it out and redo it, I could it's just, it's just one of those where it's like, well, we need we need to replace the two windows, we need to do those three. And then I got it. I got to do the block windows in the basement. And it's just one of those things where I'm standstill right now I have two stoves in my kitchen that I'm waiting for the guy to come in and put into Blake's, it's like I'm gonna I'm gonna spend the spring setting up the backup generator. So I can podcast off the generator more efficiently, I could do that kind of today. But I really needs I'm going to need some new equipment, my my UPS is don't really sync with my generator or literally don't sync with my generator very well. So they trip it every single time. And and so I'm looking at getting one of those

portable generators, that's that's, that's battery, it's like just a big gigantic battery to kind of run everything in the command center down here. And then that would get charged by the generator if I lost power here. So kind of rethinking the way I do my backup with that. And that was going to require I drill through the house and put a connection, right, because I want to connect that to I just electrified my shed that way where I put put some power in and I really I literally just took a the outlet plug and put it in a box on the outside of the shed. So I could just run an extension cord I didn't want to run. I didn't want to run a electrical, you got to pull code, you know, you got to pull permits and all that kind of stuff. So I just have a plug sticking out in a box. Plug it in, shed has power so I can podcast you know, a couple a couple months ago now I podcasted from the shed. So there's some I mean, there's some good some good projects like that. Davies, you could you could super fire the the basement to to be the awesome. Yeah, that's that's the plan, maybe 2023 depending on how things go. But yeah, you said you had to follow code, unless you're my dad, because I saw where he ran electricity to the garage. And when I actually saw how it was wired in it was kind of

David Jackson  38:24  
like, holy cow. Why is this house not on fire right now?

I had an electrician redo our power here. And he opened a box and it had burned. Oh, he said, If this hadn't been in this box, your house would have burned down? For sure. Yeah. So I was like, Well fix it. Don't Don't tell me that. Don't tell me the horror stories. Just fix it. I saw thing on Facebook. And the person was talking about goals for 2022 is kind of throwing it out to the group. Hey, what are your goals for 2022? And he said, is it going to be something like number of episodes, or number of interviews on other people's shows? And I was like, I don't want to say those were weird. I just thought there are so many ways to measure a podcast, right? It could be number of downloads, if you're trying to get a sponsor. If you're using it to market, your your business, maybe the number of new clients from your podcast, but I was just like number of episodes. I guess if you're having a hard time staying consistent, I guess would be a goal. Maybe I don't know. Do you have you been thinking about anything about 2022 changing anything or just like a lot of times? It's weird because I was thinking about a lot of people like well, maybe I should change things in 2022. And I'm like, I don't know, it's, I'll, I'll let you answer this. And I'll come back to the change things. Yeah. So just funny that you mentioned that. So just yesterday I was we were doing kind of the final. It's not totally but kind of the final episode for 2021 For called the coach, the Gallup podcast that I do. And I'm chatting with my co host who's done

Jim Collison  40:00  
at all, you're with me in this case. And then I said to him, Well, we're looking forward to what we have to do in 2022. And then I realized in my brain, I haven't scheduled a single episode for 2022 Yet, like, I have now 11 days into December, last year, by this time I had most of 2021 planned out, I had people scheduled already. I mean, not every single episode because we kind of schedule as we go. But I had all the main players scheduled out. So that was kind of a, you know, here's your beep here. That was kind of a whole leash. Yeah.

And I, you No, totally forgotten. So I think I'm gonna, I this week, I need to, you know, I need to go back, I'm gonna need to kind of play some catch up and get get my regular programs for 2022 scheduled. So I haven't done much thinking I have. I do have some scheduled already. But I could do a lot, I could do a lot better. Well, my thing on changing and this is this is going to come back. This is a half baked idea. But I was like, I can expand on this idea for a future episode of the School of podcasting

David Jackson  41:09  
is over Thanksgiving. My cousin was here and his wife and my brother's wife were upstairs watching Hallmark movies. And I came here if I talked about this last week or not.

Thank you. Oh, wait a minute. Hold on. I gotta find like, first of all, I gotta turn this down. So we don't blast off. And we have another Super Chat.

That Oh, you know what, it helps if you turn so

that's, well, you know why? Cuz that's on channel two. And I turned down one doesn't help when you turn down the wrong channel. Anyway, but here's here's the gist of it. I asked my cousin in law, I guess it would be

cuz I started make fun of Hallmark movies. And

she said, look, so when you that's, that's always a good sign when I want to a female looks at you and goes, Look, you know, it's like, okay, so easy. She said, I know what I'm getting. With a Hallmark movie. I don't have to worry about swearing. I don't have to worry about boobies or nudity. Or this and that. She's like, I know. I've got family fun entertainment. I know. They're completely predictable. And they're sappy. She goes, but at the end, it's a happy ending. I know. It's coming. I know Christmas isn't canceled, but I know what I'm getting. And I was like, Okay, write that down. That's a podcast thing. I was like, there is there's something about having the same format, that maybe it's not such a bad thing. So no, no, Craig says for his goal for 2021 to get down 75 kilos I think after COVID Many of us have these goals right? I lost 25 pounds. So I need to I got 25 more to go sure I got some work as well. But Craig good work. That's me. I uh, I get to the point where I'm starting to like go Okay, seriously, like what and it's just it's kind of like podcasting. You have to be consistent. And for me I will do great and I will drop I do if you want to lose weight quickly. Go find a small child that is sick and just lick them because what I had a cold man I was dropping weight like nobody's business and then that's when I knew I was better because all sudden my weight went and I was like, I just grabbed their fingers or something and just you know, nothing nothing weird. Yeah, it's like recommending you get the flu to lose weight. That's by the way that never stays doesn't say off. That was the thing I was like crap. I'm back up to right where it was or mystic says I thought about getting those solar generators for backup. I'm, this is the time of year to Dave to think about that. Like, Hey, do I need to upgrade some things for my studio? Are there some things I need to be doing? Differently doesn't always have to be show related? It can be content or

equipment related as well. Absolutely. We have a new listener why a new old listener? I'm not sure how to explain this, but I'm trying to read something gaming. What is that our add add drum? Yeah, something Matzke? My I need to watch my glasses. Apparently. I've been binge listening to ask the podcast coach. Well, thank you. That is a lot of Dave and Jim. I mean, really enjoying them. And I have to remind myself that some of the advice is old and doesn't apply. Yeah, old services for sure. Yeah, flat, like Blab?

Well, speaking of old services, Patreon came out. Let me grab this link real quick with a link to what they're doing. So they're, they're going to kind of like, and I see a lot of people on

YouTube that mentioned their patreon account. And so they came out with a post that said, hey, creators, you know, here's what's going on, and they have all the stats of 3000 community posts 27 270,000 reviews 232 support tickets. That's interesting.

But they're basically saying look, we're going to add video

They're going to improve the posting, there's going to be better content organization,

Jim Collison  45:06  
the solving the billing confusion. So they say the first of the month patron billing is a source of confusion, and a frustration for many of you. A lot. For a lot of people it is, it doesn't make sense. Because because I'm like, What's the deal? It's the first of the month and here's your bill, will they bill everybody first? Well, if they have, they have a hard problem to solve, because they're billing people. And those payments may or may not go through. And so like, that's why you have to wait like people think, okay, you say you're a Patreon subscriber of mine, Dave, and everybody thinks that's just automatic. Well, what if that credit card was canceled? Or what if like, what if you've, you've, well, that's in most cases, that's when the charge doesn't go through, right?

They can't give you that money until that charge goes through. And oftentimes, there's a 24 hour depending because they're global, there's a 24 hour window in which they've got to collect those payments posted, verified before they give it to you. And so you get billed for like I, you know, I support you, as Patreon supporter, I get the bill first of the month, I don't get the money till the third or the fourth. And it's not exactly the same all the time, right. And then you have all these multiple, you've got people who are coming in and out of support, or we have credit card things that don't go through or there was a glitch in and they got to follow it up. So you got to wait a couple days. And then like, it's just a hard problem. And I don't think I think people think it should be easy. And it's not because it's complicated. You have a lot of people different support options, collecting global payments, that's a hard thing to do until that goes to Bitcoin. It's a hard thing to do. Yeah, and I know right now, and I don't know enough to speak intelligently about it, besides the fact to say, in India, there was some sort of law that went through, right, that is kind of saying you can't have like subscriptions basically. What about sales tax? Like I mean, in the United States, that varies by state. Yeah. Right. And so we're talking about you know, then you in some cases, you have that and then you have you have Patreon folks who haven't specified that there. Because you have to go in and specify as your Is it a service are you giving you know, are they getting something for it? Do they have to charge sales tax? Guys, this is a super complex situation, you can't I think some people expect like, you know, they're gonna put 50 cents in and get a candy bar like No, it's not a vending machine. This is a complex problem and you need to spend a little bit of time it's like doing taxes you got to spend a little time thinking about it. So I'm not super sympathetic to Patreon people that you know, Patreon people who are in it the complex financial system many just don't want to spend the time figuring it out. You know, that is too hard. Well, okay, then stop doing it. That if it's too hard for you stop doing get a coffee. Yeah, and then I I love

anything was stripe. One of the things I love about stripe is like people pay you and like two days later you get your money. They don't there's no kind of thing I know. And this makes me sound like a total Lipson shill, but I know glow ties into stripe. And that's cool and Stripe uses float though. So that's they they float right? So you get it's a different financial system when those kinds of things. Patreon is on the hook for this for this money if it's not there, right they're on the hook for Stephen says or Stephen says they should switch to paying the 15th of the month Patreon people would lose their get ready to hit the button they lose their

if it went from the third or fourth to the 15th You're holding my Patreon people are some of the worst when it comes to their money. Like you're holding it and making interest on it and you can't you know, and you're like, Oh, I guess it listen, Patreon I don't I feel for them. Because that when it's like YouTube commenters, the people who use Patreon and leave comment they are some of the worst people on the planet. They're just awful. And so anytime you're dealing with people's money this is it's super complicated. Yeah. Craig says many people are you know, with online services deduct VAT at the source but I provide education which is not a subject to VAT in Europe. That is another whole nother discussion of when you do and when you don't who should eat the cost. Do you have to charge it? Can they charge it back? Can they get value for it again? Can they you know can they have it's just a mess day if it's people think that should be easy? Oh, I go to the store you don't I buy something and it's sales tax that I've done. That's not how the globe works. Yeah.

David Jackson  49:54  
Exactly. It's completely

so I think what else did they say? They're gonna

to boost their back end, improved playback experience, what they should do is I've seen a couple different places to do this. And it's cool is for me, I, I'm nerdy enough. So if I sign up somebody patron and I dig out the RSS feed, which is not super easy to find, I can throw that into overcast and I can listen to anything else. And for the record, I was really surprised.

There's the guitar player, the band kings x, which I'm a big fan of, you know how Spotify did that thing is like, here's your, here's what happened this year. So they did that to me as a listener. And like every other song was this guy named Ty Tabor, who's the guitar player, because I didn't realize he had a solo career. So I just went on this binge, and they're like, Wow, you really liked this guy. I was like, Yeah, and I'm probably paying him 13 cents a year for his stuff on Spotify. So I saw he had a Patreon, it's like, oh, cool. 10 bucks a month, let's give Ty some money for his you know, I don't have to do this forever. But I'm like, let's give this guy some money. Um, he's, he's entertaining me. And trying to find the RSS feed. So I could get his any audio content was was not easy. And Patreon should like they're updating the app. I think that's the wrong way to go. Make it easy for people to you know, supercast glow. I'm trying to think of another app that does this, where when you sign up for premium, you just click and it'll say, hey, oh, you're on an iPhone? Do you want to listen to this and Apple podcasts or Pocket Casts or whatever, you click a button and you're subscribed. So when I see them, like, Oh, we're gonna make it easier to listen on the app. I'm like, How about just ditching the app? I mean, it's kind of cool. They have some things plugged in there. But they're going to have, of course, a simpler and cleaner design. So that'll be interesting watch, but when they came out with the video thing, I was like, oh, so for all those people that have getting D platformed. on YouTube. It'll be interesting to see how that's gonna work. Maybe they're just going to try to be YouTube, you know, where you're because I mean, I'm going to get bombed if I don't get to subscribe and smash the bell anymore. You know, I've been trained like Pavlov's dog, the, you know, do that. So if they say like, subscribe and leave a comment. That's the that's the triple the triple threat on YouTube, right? Yeah, I've never heard this Jack Conte, I think is the guy's name.

Who started off as a that can't be right.

Are you kidding me? Did you see what just happened? Wow, that's pretty generous. Thank you. Holy cow.

And I cannot find my I will turn down the right channel, Jim. So Jay, there we go.

That's what I was. That was not good.

Wow. Holy cow.

Well, there you go.

How do you make Dave Jackson speechless? You do a super chat of 100. Notice 100 bucks each, Jim. Yeah, I'll have you take this money.

I will take it Dave. Yeah, I think thank you cauldron. Thank you for holy. Yeah. So yeah, we've got new listeners here. I've been a listener for four years now. Really enjoying listening you both despite not being brave enough to start a party. Okay. So let's talk about that. Can we talk about that? Yeah. What is stopping you from starting a podcast? Feel free to go to ask the podcast coach comm slash join, if you want to come in. And if you want us to not twist your arm, I'm just always interested to see if not everybody should do a podcast. That's true. I was gonna I don't have to. I was what yeah, we need we need. We need less just listeners. It's true. The

I was watching. There's a thing on YouTube called SNL stories. And it's all these people that have been on in the past. And of course, I can't. What's the thing on apple plus the soccer coach?

Motto? Yeah, Ted lasso. So Jason Sudeikis is talking about that. And he talks about, of course, and here's a guy who's proven over and over that He's talented. And when he joined us at now, what was he battling? Jim, do you want to guess? Depression? No, but that's a good one.

Anxiety. Imposter syndrome. There you go. That's it. Tell him what he's one. Yeah, he had imposter syndrome. And he said, What was funny about it, is

that, you know, he said, I would eventually get like, he got two skits on like, the first week. And he's like, wow, that was really cool. Then he had 10 weeks of nothing, getting on TV. And he said, But what was interesting about that, is, he goes the writers room was great. He goes, and somebody will throw out this idea. And he said, you would kind of

mutter, like something to try, but because you didn't have enough confidence. And he'd say something.

And he goes, Tina Fey, who was the head of writing at that time, said, Wait, what was that? What was that? And he'd be like, Oh, this is so fun. And she's like, that's great. We're using it. And he goes, it was kind of interesting all the time.

Time that yeah, you know. So yeah, I just was like there's another guy and then that Ted lasso character he made for some, like football commercial. Like it was something to run during sports on Sunday. And enough people like the commercial that he turned it into a show. And it's like, that's cool. So yeah, I like I like Jason. He's a good guy. It's a great show. Ted, it is a really it is a really, it's super filthy. So like, it's not for children. Don't watch it with your kids. But it is it's a there's a lot of good moments in there as well. Hey, we've got Brian Wait, and why don't we bring him in post show? Yeah, absolutely. was out. Okay. Yeah.

Jim Collison  55:41  
Jim, what's coming up on the average? Yeah. So Mike, Mike Uyghur. My co host, his unraid box, for those of you who are super technical totally failed, and he had to completely rebuild it. So we spend the whole show talking about new parts and new processors and a new motherboard and all kinds of great stuff. So if you if you're super nerdy that way, this is a super technical episode. We'd love to have you join us home gadget We lost Brian Brian come back

David Jackson  56:10  
on the school. On the school. He left the text he left he left a message. Oh, okay. You can go to private chat. We'll cover Brian will cover it in the post show. Yeah. So on the school of podcasting, I've got like three different things I want to talk about. I'm trying to figure out which one's coming this week, I'm either going to expand on what I talked about today about keeping your format the way it is.

I might talk about anchor, because I did some consulting this week. And there's some things that are being said about anchor that are not true. And I was like, Where are you getting that information from? And I was like, Oh, we might need to update some people on that. And then I've got some new tools, I actually got some things I'm playing with. So I just need some time between now and Sunday, we'll figure out what the heck I'm talking about. But thanks to all of our awesome supporters. Thank you, everyone for the super chats. Who knew that was I was so generous today. Thank you. Thank you. That's amazing. And we will be here next week. But we won't be here in two weeks. Because of that, you know, whole Santos thing going on, which is, you know, currently Santa is more important. Whatever, you know, that whole bowl full of jelly works every time you know people who just can't resist. But we are going to do some post show with Brian. And if we have time, I will show you a new tool that I'm playing with. It's actually pretty cool for podcast, consultants hang around

Jim Collison  57:40  
let me throw Brian's question in the chat room for us just so everybody. It says it's from me, but But he he just wanted to leave a message for us. So okay.

So worked in radio for many years, including talk radio, I miss it. And I thought a podcast might fill that void. But I can't think of a topic. I'm knowledgeable enough to talk on a better

David Jackson  58:02  
couple ways to handle that. If you know what you want to talk about, but you don't think you're first of all, you probably have more knowledge than you think you do. I was used my analogy of I was out to dinner with my ex wife. And she said something like Oh man, total Pete bath. And she's like, who's Pete Best? And I said, the original drummer, The Beatles. And she's like, how do you know this stuff, and I go, everybody knows who Pete Best is. And she's like, You are crazy. But I hung out with a bunch of musicians. And we all knew that Pete Best was the original drummer of The Beatles. So there are times when the stuff that you know, you think everybody knows, and it turns out the they don't know that. And then if you go no, no, I really don't know that much stuff. I'm doing kind of a podcast called leading the bleeding because I don't know anything about crypto and I want to learn how to tie crypto to my podcast. And I turned myself into an audio meme. I didn't know I was going to do that. I've heard the phrase. I don't know a thing about crypto and about five different podcasts now, and it's me. So you can do kind of a Journey podcast. And the fun thing about that is if you want to interview other people in that field, they probably wouldn't talk to you. Kim Nullah does the pharmacist voice because she's transitioning from being a pharmacist to a voice actor. And so she's got to interview all these voice actor, kind of gurus and people in the industry that if she just asked them, Hey, can I talk to you for 20 minutes? They're like, No, but they'll come on our podcast. So that's another thing if you're not sure what to talk about, but you have an interest. You can do kind of the Journey podcast because that'll come in handy. Just start talking like this is what clubhouse could be good for. It's good out there. It started weekly. Just start a weekly show where you used an hour and you just you'd spend some time chatting about some things, invite some guests and get you know, and just start figuring out what

Jim Collison  1:00:00  
You know, have a half a topic. Listen, I've thrown at Gallup, I have thrown out several times to folks internally like, Hey, we should we should do like click what we call Clifton Strengths radio, and have a morning show where we just go for an hour or two every morning, completely unscripted. Now you say that you start to do some prep for it. Like you have to have some subjects to talk about. But every single time I say that ever, people are like, Yeah, I would totally come to that. Like I would totally do that. Not recorded, although I guess clubhouses recording now but not recorded from that. But Dave, clubhouse is a great place to just kind of, I think, just kind of get your voice out training wheels. Yep. Get your voice get rolling on something, get talking. Did you hear where they're down like 80% and February?

Listen, they're in the Gartner Hype Cycle, right. I mean, they had this huge hype, and then it's dipping. They did add recording to it. And and I think it'll be interesting to see if they have the discipline to live through the trough. right to live through that dip. And we'll see if they can pull it off. You know, this blab bailed at the top of the at the top of the hype curve. You know, they were just getting popular and they're like, we're out. That's it must have been something really weird going on over there a Blab cuz that didn't that didn't make any sense. They just were out. Like, done. I tried to find the the interview because I interviewed one of the people from Blab. And I remember them saying like money, money, we've got tons of it. You don't have to worry. And I want to go find that clip and bring it back. I can't find it. Everybody was like saying that they're like, Yeah, we don't they don't need the money. They're just they got plenty of runway and totally don't. Until they don't they literally just hit the eject button.

She has it out. You know, like hey, wait a minute. We were all still on the plane. Wait a minute. Come back. Anybody know how to fly this thing? No. All right. Well, oh, the seats were gone. The controls were all smashed. Good luck.

David Jackson  1:02:00  
Yeah, that was just kid just kind of crazy. That just didn't seem right there. I think there's more behind the scenes. But yeah, right. Brian says he loves He loves the idea of a morning show. idea which I had a co host interested in doing so jump out on clubhouse once a week Brian and and eventually maybe invite people in and, and you might find somebody out there who who would work. Now here's an interesting point. Mystic. Max says I do a weekly Bible study on my internet radio station. Yeah. A little rusty from speaking. But that's another place you can do that. The only thing i i kind of scratch my head on. I'm not Pooh poohing it. But the whole internet radio thing is, Jim, what's your favorite internet radio station? I don't have one. Yeah, me neither. And so yeah, but it's a specialized Dave with a specialized but he could record that still do it, you know, because it's alive. But then record it and put it out as a podcast because that's the one of the magic things of podcasting is the timeshifted part of it. Yeah, but if the Forever of a podcast is what's causing you to stop, like, oh, this stuff's gonna be out there forever. Then go, don't make it don't put it out there forever, you know, use like clubhouse or whatever, and don't record it. And just do it. And he do it get better at it. There you go. He says, I do have a podcast. So I stand corrected. So but that's I, I had a guy this week that wanted to schedule me for October of 2020 22. And I went over I think I'm still I think I did say yeah, and then I put my notes. I was like, I put a reminder to like in July. See if he's still around because he's using SoundCloud. He's using his built in microphone on his and that's planning though, if you can plan out October 2008. Here's, here's the great thing is he doesn't do it automatically. He hands you a bunch of dates and goes does any of these work? And I'm like, Dude, I don't know what I'm eating for breakfast next week, let alone what I'm doing in October 2022. I'm like, Yeah, I'll, you know, put me down. But I'm gonna just, I don't know, it's just I don't understand. I just, I mean, I'm kind of a planner. I've never been that much of a planner too. You know, and it just I just said, I said without using an automatic tool, unless you got a staff or something I go, everybody's gonna forget that they scheduled an interview. You know, you could put it on your calendar, you could you could set a date and time and just kind of be very, very clear that like as we get closer to this, this may be subject to change. You know, calendar lease good for that. And some of those other services are kind of good to help with automated rescheduling. I don't trust we have I think we use time trade Gallup. And I don't trust

Jim Collison  1:04:58  
I don't trust myself and

enough to make sure I am blocking out sections. I mean, if I open that up to the public and said, Yeah, you can book time, it would fill up. I mean, my my certified coaches that I managed, but would just start booking time with me and you're like, Okay, I can't have that actually have to get some work done. So I make them kind of come to me. And so I can kind of say, well, what are we talking about here? So that maybe because this could be solved through something we have already? And then if if we have a conversation, and I'm like, okay, yeah, we need to let's just talk, then I just say, give me a couple dates, and I'll schedule something. That's it. And that just works better for me. I'm typing support this tracks, is what I'm about to show here. This is people will say how do you stay?

David Jackson  1:05:51  
Excited about a topic for however long I've been doing this, like six years that would you and I have been doing ask the podcast coach, and you've been podcasting for 15 years? And yeah, I mean, how do you stay excited I have, you get a new tool. And you're like, Oh, I've tried a couple of times at the School of podcasting to create what I call, kind of like a podcast focus group, like, Hey, let me listen to your show. Let's let's all of this listen to your show, and leave feedback. And so I got contacted by this guy this week, from no tracks, and it's kind of designed for musicians. But and I've got permission to show this person's stuff. This is from Neil, from recovery coast to coast. And the idea is you upload a file, and it was made for musicians. So I'm going to upload a bass track. And then you upload the guitar track and blah, blah, blah. And so what's cool about this is I like, right here, before I even listen, I saw where Neil's volume levels were a little low. And I just said, Hey, my first impression here, and I actually went looked at said, your maximum volume level is minus six, I like you can actually boost this a bit more. And

to make a long story short, when I come over here, I point out that, hey, you've interviewed or you've introduced your guest twice here. But I said, Hey, here's a nice job of explaining that you're, you're catching this person on tour, you interviewed a musician. So it's not all just like, here's what you did wrong. Great job of fitting the sponsor to your show. Whoops, you forgot to mention your website here. You know, just stuff like this. And what? You can share this with them? Yes, I can basically go in here and share this project. And you can see where I've already shared this with Neil. And Neil can come in and see not only where you know what I said, but when I said it, and

it's cool. I could click I don't want to do an ad because you can't hear it. But if I click this, and if I turned off the mix minus which I'm not, you know, Neil could hear exactly what was going on when I said that. But wait, there's more. What if Neil like, Okay, I don't want to come to this website, I can actually click here. And download. I think if I go here, already did this last night, I can download. Here's Neil.

These are the all my comments with a timestamp. And so if Neil just wants to listen to the show, this episode on his computer, he can know exactly where to jump to in the episode. And so you can see here where I'm like, this is a great question.

I love the fact that 14 minutes in he's interviewing this guy. And he's like, man, that's that's a great question I've ever talked about this. And I was like, Dude, that is like the that's if you hear that from an interview. That's awesome. So that got me excited. So I put a thing out to the school of podcasting members. I'm like, this is part of your like, membership. Now, if you want feedback on your show, and this is going to be the big thing I'm going to be interested to see is I set up a forum where they can say, hey, here's my name, here's my email. So that way, if somebody that's not from the school of podcasting finds this form, I can say, Yeah, we're not going to give you a free review. I'll be happy to, you know, I'll probably use this on the podcast, radio show and things like that. But I'm excited. And I also put a thing where they can say, I, I give you permission, Dave, to invite other people to listen to this from the school of podcasting. So that way, I can say, Hey, Jim does a tech show. It's called home gadget geeks. He's he's sharing episode 312. It's about how to be a better barbecue guy, blah, blah, blah, how to create a robot lawnmower. If you want to listen to it, let me know. And I will give you a link. And so we'll see what happens. It's one of those things where it's like, this is the tool I've been waiting for. I'm just not positive

podcasters want that? They should you know, and yeah, it's a little it's a little involved. A little bit. Yeah. A little involved. Yeah, but it was what I saw I was like all this could be so it's one of the things it's got huge potential. If people go through because it used to be I tried to upload a file, and then people just leave a comment. Kind of like on

It's a great tool for you as a podcast consultant. Yeah, I don't, I don't see this, I could see maybe if you wanted to, you could, because you can have, there's a free plan where you can do three projects for free. And a project would be an episode. And so if you wanted to, you could, because I'm going to end up paying because we're gonna have all these episodes, which is fine. But people that you share this with are called collaborators, and they're free. And you can have a collaborator, just view. Or you could have a collaborator come in and add more stuff. So if you wanted to get feedback from your audience, you could make a quick video. To me, it seems fairly, I have to do is like, when you listen, hit stop and click the New Comment button. That's pretty much it. But I can see this as a tool to get feedback from your audience if you want it to it's one way It's another tool. It's like you said it's a it's completely different. It's not like you go, Oh, it's like Word or Excel. It's like, No, this is it's like GEICO. You know, Audacity and SoundCloud had a baby with Microsoft Word. It's, it's,

Jim Collison  1:11:09  
it's like, it's nice that way. I mean, it's a it's a well thought out tool from that. From our perspective. It looks good, I think. very specialized use. Yeah. Like I said, Well, it was designed for.

David Jackson  1:11:21  
It's designed for musicians. And then they

Jim Collison  1:11:26  
said, you know, this might be something in podcasting. And then they got ahold of Steve Stewart, and Mark deal at the podcast editors Academy. And they said, Oh, you know, who would love this? Dave checks. And so the guy showed it to Mike, this is the best thing ever. So, ah, let's see. We got some questions here from the chat room as we're sitting here. Now, Mac OS has tasked him working. We could follow up right now, if we'd had this experience last week had been completely different. Yeah, but good. So far. I think we've gotten some things ironed out. Yeah, nothing's we haven't lost. It's like I said, I think it was just a glitch. It was just unfortunate that it happened in the middle just needed to be broken in. Apparently, it just needed some, you know, needed a little bit exercise before. That is kind of the danger. Dave, I mean, there were some things you were still kind of learning on it, you are still trying to figure it out. That is kind of the danger of a live review. It although I mean, it's a it's a good indication of how a brand new person coming to that piece of equipment would handle it? Yeah. In their first I mean, for task cam, it was a good look at first impressions. I mean, it was it was really it was really, really clear what those were so good, good for them for coming back and saying, okay,

bad on us. Let's, let's let us help you fix this. Because you know, now you would be if someone asked you, hey, what do you think of this task? Cam? You'd be like, Well, okay, it's i It's better better than I thought. Yeah. You know, and

David Jackson  1:12:59  
the thing I thought was interesting is when I was explaining to them that, hey, I'm used to having a countdown timer, they were really just completely open a lot. You could just tell they had not thought about that. Like, oh, you know what that makes sense. We were thinking podcasters would just be recording people around a table, you got the SD card, everything's great. And I was like, yeah, some of us did that whole, like, you know, live streaming thing. And it was like, Oh, of course you do. And so that was one that I thought was cool as well. They're not not paying attention to that segment of the market. That's, you know, this is where you see some companies start to get narrow, you know, they get really focused on one segment that they know really well. And their engineers are thinking about that. And their focus groups are based around that. And they start getting this feedback that they get in a little bit of an echo chamber. And they don't branch out, you know, beyond like, what about live streamers? What about you know, and I always think they think we're all getting together in a room with four microphones. And you're like, yeah, actually, nobody does that. I mean, there's a few. There's a few, you know, they look at Rogan, and they go, oh, yeah, everybody's podcasts and like Joe Rogan, well, no, not really, actually no. Many aren't. So you can get a little bit of tunnel vision. If you're not. If you don't have folks in your focus groups who are in those other areas. It's important to kind of diversify. Yeah, I'm trying here we go. Felix was asking, what programs do you use to schedule? There are a ton of them. I'll put a link here in the chat over podcasting resources calm, and I'm sorry, Jim. I just saw guys trying to do at scale I was trying to do itself I didn't want to give this up for I've used acuity scheduling for years. I like acuity. They're now owned by Squarespace. Because not only does the scheduling thing, I can actually sell seats. Like if I wanted to

do a webinar, I could sell that in there. I can make coupons. It does a lot of stuff. So I really like it. And you can embed the calendar and all sorts of other fun stuff. I've just started playing with Calendly. Because so many people do use Calendly. That was like, Alright, this is a pretty cool one. There's a bunch savvy cow and tidy cow is one from App Sumo. So if you go to the links there, I think the ones I see use the most probably Calendly is the one I see that when people schedule, like if I'm going on somebody's show, I see Calendly a lot, but I just didn't really popular I think everybody, most people now have some kind of calendar. Yeah. What was the one you said you used because I hadn't heard that name in a while time. Trade time. Trade is interesting. Because if you cancel your account, they will email you on a fairly regular basis that, hey, your account is about to close. Like if you want to keep it open, come back and do that. It's like, Yeah, I know it's closed because well, I closed it. And it's like, they just keep bugging you like, Hey, are you aware that your account is Yes, I am aware I closed it, please quit reminding me. It's closed. But it worked. It was just like I found acuity. And the thing that's really cool about acuity scheduling, for me, is they actually, like grandfathered me in. So I think I'm paying like $12 a month. So that was kind of handy. But even at work. You know, there were times I had, you know, I had some admin help. And they wanted to control my schedule. And I always say, okay, you can do a lot of things for me, but you will not touch my calendar. Yeah, that's like, to me, my calendar is sacred. And that's just me. Most people are fine with it. But my calendar is sacred, and I don't want I need to know, if something's gonna get put on it, I need to know it's going to be put on it. Because it's kind of like email, if it will want. If it's not on my calendar, it's not real. Like, it's I won't be there. I will definitely not remember and I won't be there. So I just didn't want someone or some system adding or moving or whatever. And I know it sends you emails and stuff like that. But it was just I was like, No, I'm still gonna make that a human thing. I know that it's gonna be me. Yeah, I will. I will do the extra work. That's just me. For other people. It's perfectly fine. But I'm a little crazy about my my schedule. Yeah. Craig has a question. Have you ever had a listener you didn't know reach out? Because they'll be in town. And they want to go get a coffee or a beer? I feel bad saying no, but I'm busy. If it's hard. Yeah. Especially right now. If somebody was in town, I'd be screwed. Be like, or your podcast co hosts said he says he's gonna be in town and then at the last minute canceled on you because he wants to get back home. Yeah, well, I think that's already. Yeah, I think that's happened to you.

Unknown Speaker  1:17:52  

David Jackson  1:17:54  
yeah, I've been lucky. I've had

Arnie from the football history. Dude, if I remember, right, something like that was in town once. And Glenn came into town. That was cool. And I had a guy that used to listen to my podcast for musicians. And yeah, so I haven't have hasn't happened a lot. But

Jim Collison  1:18:15  
it's cool when it does when you get to actually meet a Yeah, it's a ton of fun. Yeah, it's a ton of fun. If you guys listeners if your listeners this show. You're going to be in Omaha. I don't know why you would be. But if you ever gonna be in Omaha, let me know. Yeah, Jim, what do you use for,

you know, home gadget geeks to use when you schedule your guests to you? Or old school? I have it's, I have a spreadsheet that just has every show since 100. I try not to make it too complicated, right. And so when I asked you to be on the show,

you know, then you say yes, I go cool. You're booked for this date at this show. It will start at 745 Central. And in great. I don't I try don't make it too complicated. If they want a meeting request, I'll send them one. But 99% of the time, they're fine with what just that. And then they show up. I've never had anybody not show up that way. So you don't have to use a scheduling program to make it work. It's convenient. And it works great for some people. I just try not to make it too complicated. Yeah.

David Jackson  1:19:17  
If you haven't started thinking about it yet the question of the month over at the School of podcasting, because it's December, it's the same question every December, which is what is your favorite podcast? For 2021? Tell us a little bit about it. If you know their website, what's that? And then the big one we're looking for is why is it your favorite? And that's one I was thinking about that in the car. The other day I was driving like what would I say right now? It's like, Hmm, maybe this one was like because there's some that I like I love the no agenda show. But I fast forward through about 30% of it, because they have that big donation segment in the middle, which we mentioned on the show that the big donation segment in the middle is going I sent out a

text message. And since in theory, we're just talking to awesome supporters, yeah, we're gonna make some changes first of January, right as far as show content goes. And so you'll see some changes coming. Not big changes, right. But, but but some changes. Yeah. Here's pest control nut says, Hey, do you guys use a sign a guess release form? Do you have them sign one. If you're using pod page, they have a thing where they can actually do that. The pod page has a really cool guest feature, where you basically send them a link, they fill out the form, they can actually check off the Yes, I agree, here's my release form. And when they click save, you can then have it redirect to Calendly, or wherever they can then schedule it. And what's great is then when you you record the episode, and when you publish it, you can go in and assign that guest, using the information that type they typed into the form with their headshot and all that to that episode, and automatically adds that I was like, Oh, that's a cool little feature. What I've always done, and by all means, do whatever you want. I if I interview nine times out of 10, I'm interviewing somebody I know, there's a reason why I'm having them on the show or something like that. If it's somebody brand new, what I will do is at the end of the interview, I will just ask them, hey, is there anything in there you wouldn't want me to to make public anything you now you're thinking? I probably shouldn't have said that. And I think I've had one person that said there was one question, like it's okay, but I'm kind of thinking hmm, my job if my job ever heard that, like, that's not a problem. You know, so I kind of do like an audio. And then obviously, I don't put that in the finish show. But, Jim, do you do anything? No releases? Nope. We don't. You know, they've been on the show.

Jim Collison  1:21:47  
They were they're like this. It's not like I'm quoting them out of context. They were there on all our shows, we do very little editing as well. So I kind of make the assumption they've given me permission to use, you know, by being there not like I caught him off guard or by surprise. So no, but on all the shows that we do, we don't have release forms. Yeah. And if somebody ever asked me to take something down, I don't get old. You're like, Yeah, like that. Okay, I have the right June ribbon thing that just take it down. You're like, okay, it's gone. I took it, you know, I didn't see somebody asking Facebook today. They said, the guest wants the raw file. And that was one I'd be like, can we talk about like, why? Yeah, file? Yep. That's, that's the right answer. Let's talk about it. Because what are you gonna do with it? You want to be you know, it is there. I mean, they were there, Dave. So like, it's like, I'm going to edit this and make a sound smart and wonderful. Like, why do you did that's one where you like, you know, I've now invested the time, the technology, things like that in you get the file to do with it, whatever you want. I know you can do whatever you want with my edited version. So Dr. makes a good point. She says, but what if they say I'm not sure? Can you send me the episode so I can see if there's anything I don't want included? And I think in some cases say yes. So create it, put it somewhere like this is maybe even a good example YouTube, where you can throw it to YouTube, make it private, or make it unlisted. Let them listen to it. Or however you want to do that. And then

I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I've done that before. I got done with the interview, and I didn't feel good. Like, I'm not gonna say I felt like a hostile witness. But it was pretty close. And I said a few things because I got kind of worked up. I said a few things. I was like, Yeah, I better listen to that back. So I made them. I was like, Yeah, you can't publish this at the end. I said, Don't you can't publish this type heard it. And and so they added it and I listened. I'm like, yeah, no, you need to remove this, this this. At the end of the day, they fought me on that. And then I just said, you can't you can't release any of it. And, and so that was it was kind of ugly. It was one of these. What's up with my iPad? There we go.

David Jackson  1:24:14  
The Bluetooth gets a little warm, which is terrible. Did you hear about half of that? Yeah, just half Yeah. Because it's like, like it has to reconnect like it drops it's got to reconnect don't wire things. People don't use Bluetooth. Yeah, another another fine. Let's try this and see. Yeah, no, it's good. It's good to try. Bluetooth just drops. Yeah. And so to save power. And so you and we had we had one person on clubhouse today that listen for a while. I am tempted I've never done a Twitter spaces yet. And I'm hearing more people saying that seems to be like we're clubhouses kind of going down Twitter space is not on a huge thing. But it because of Twitter. People are saying, you know

so what he's saying here, so

What if they, Jim? Wait, so what if they, Jim, you don't sound like a bad guy? I'm not sure I get that too, you

Jim Collison  1:25:08  
know, just reword Mr. Mack reword that question for us. Yeah, I can't I got to be careful with my job. And the when I'm especially when I'm talking about that, that it doesn't I mean, I just got to be careful with that. So I was like, Yeah, you can't

you can't ask. You can't ask those questions. There you go anyways. Yeah, I can't. Dr. can't really talk

pig farming something like it was it was nose it was job related it just it was just it didn't go they were they were they're drilling me on some questions I wasn't comfortable answering. They kept. They kept after me about it. And then just was like, yeah, no, this is not a good interview didn't sound very good either. Just to be honest, like, the audio was not done well. And it was just like, Yeah, this doesn't represent me very well. I'd rather you not use it.

David Jackson  1:26:02  
They did not like that. I was gonna say how did that the talk about awkward conversations? Yeah. I've said you can't use it. Like, no, you can't use it. Don't you can't publish it. So yeah, that was that was it? It was awkward. It was hard. Yeah. I've had people ask me questions that I'm kind of going, wait, what you like they're trying to, they're trying to come up. Like I've heard Dave say that if you want somebody to share it, you have to do a different interview than anybody else. And they're just way off in these weird weeds. And it wasn't anything. I didn't get upset. I was just the whole time. I'm like, Who's my favorite teacher growing up. I was like, wow, you know, so.

Yeah, I've never had a bad interview where I've like, you know, where I feel like I'm being attacked or or they're going down, you know, away. I've never had to say I don't want to answer that question. So I've been, you know, knock on for Mike or whatever's in front of me here. So, that would be That's it. That's That's it. She's goes. Oh, yeah. Okay, I get you. So yeah, you just, it's just one of those situations. It doesn't, it doesn't happen. I've only happened once to me. Every other interview has been fantastic. You know. So

somebody and I realize we're at noon, and I kind of have an art out because I got to go do Christmas. It sounds weird. But now, here's the weirdest thing about this, right? I don't know why we do it. Especially for the adults. My great nieces and nephews. You know what they want for Christmas? Gift cards? Yeah. Oh, yeah. So I went to the grocery store last night did all of my, my Christmas shopping in about six minutes. I just like okay, I'm just going to grab everybody programmable visa you can be it's like big. Which by the way, what a racket. That is. You get somebody a $20 visa card, and then you got to pay seven bucks to activate it. I was like, God bless the banks. They get you coming and going. So that was if you give them cash now people are like, What? What? Yeah. Like,

Jim Collison  1:28:10  
do I touch it? Like, you know, it's just as Yeah, it's a different, you know, we almost need like, I want to just give him an Amazon send him an email, Amazon gift card, right. That's the easiest. And there's no no charge for that. And I'll have I'll have to figure it out, though. Because I figured he might have been mystic Mac that brought up episode 400 is coming up in 29 episodes. And soft to figure us or for us. Yeah, for here. 400. Yeah, we're at 371. Today.

Unknown Speaker  1:28:43  
We've done this for

David Jackson  1:28:47  
Yep. Wow. That's the best microphone forever. Oh, yeah. Wow. Yeah. Wow. So yeah. Wow. That's great to see when that is and what it is, and and

it'd be fun. I've never been in Nebraska. So I was thinking maybe that might be

maybe an option maybe?

Yeah, could be. Yeah. So it'd be, it'd be fun to have we could do live in the shed.

Jim Collison  1:29:17  
There's not enough room for us. Kind of a one. It's a kind of a one one person. thing, but we'll figure something out. As we get a little bit closer. We have 29 weeks. So that's actually you have the earth summer so it'd be July the summer. That'd be beautiful. Yeah. Beautiful time of the year. Yeah. Awesome. Be a ton of fun. So all right. All right. Well, thanks, everybody.

And thanks again for the super chats that's that was yes. Like I said, How do you make Dave Jackson speechless? In the right way Dave, if you want to do that, send me an Amazon gift card. That's the easiest There we go. Alright, that's it. There's doesn't cost you anything doesn't cost me anything. They make it pretty easy. So probably the right way to do it. So

David Jackson  1:30:00  
There you go Thank you Thanks Thanks everybody and Alright have a great weekend see you next week take care take care

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