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April 16, 2022

Words Have Power

Words Have Power

Today Dave shares how he presented words heard many times before that had an impact on his audience. Jim has finished his taxes ahead of schedule.  This show is best consumed on a new podcast app such as or SPONSOR: If you...

Today Dave shares how he presented words heard many times before that had an impact on his audience. Jim has finished his taxes ahead of schedule. 

This show is best consumed on a new podcast app such as Fountain or Castamatic 

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Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions.
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Podchaser - Ask the Podcast Coach



David Jackson  0:00  
Ask the podcast coach for April 16 2022.

Unknown Speaker  0:04  
Let's get ready to podcast.

David Jackson  0:08  
There it is. It's that music. That means Hey, it's Saturday. It's time for Ask the podcast coach where you get your podcast questions answered. Live. I'm Dave Jackson from the School of And joining me right over there, Mr. $6 million, man, Steve. No, it's not Steve Austin. It's Jim Collison from the average Jim, how's it going, buddy?

Jim Collison  0:34  
Greetings, Dave. Happy Saturday morning to you. Happy Easter weekend for a lot of folks celebrating Easter this weekend and tax weekend. I mean, j two bonus weekends and one hopefully it's here in the United States. Anyways, taxes are due on Monday. I think Dave and I have a few things to talk about around taxable we'll do it after the break. Let's see the radio thing that I did there. We'll do it after the break.

David Jackson  0:58  
We'll do it after the break.

Jim Collison  1:01  
Yeah, we got some business to do

David Jackson  1:03  
we do have some business to do if I can get my There we go. Well, first of all, I'm assuming you're thirsty. Because you're always thirsty about this time. So we that coffee poor is not that button. That coffee poor. No, that coffee Poor boy. Am I rusty or what is brought to you by our good friend Mark over at cheese forgetting is brought to you by Mark over at podcast branding Dotco. If you need an art, for some art for your, your podcast, and you need a new website, and you need a PDF to look better anything you want to look great. I'm here to tell you, every time I just submitted to speak at what used to be podcast Mid Atlantic, I think it's Indy pod con now. And I have to upload a logo every time I do that. I'm like, Man, that was money well spent. And the great thing about Mark is number one, he's a podcaster. And he's an award winning graphic artist, but he's gonna take the time to sit down with you. Listen to your show, and really make sure that it fits. And that's really what you want. You don't want something that super stodgy if your shows all fun and crazy and morning zoo ish. So check it out podcast It's the way that you want to go if you want to look professional and you want to make a great first impression

Jim Collison  2:32  
Oh, he's so good. Big thanks to our friend Dan. Dan, the FEHB over there at based on a true story. If you're maybe it's a holiday weekend. Oh no, it is a holiday well here the United States anyways, and you need something new to listen to. The answer was get some good stuff. Check his back catalogue if you're a history buff. Lots of stuff. Is that movie is that TV series based on a true story. Dan will have the answer for you based on a true story. you want to get a job is wondering in the chat room. How the heck I even poured the coffee. Because I was pouring it there was no sound on the sound came leader

David Jackson  3:11  
then it sounded like a dog barking it's a new kind of coffee. When you pour it sounds like that. Yeah. So I can't remember. I don't know. It's not that

Jim Collison  3:21  
labels. Labels are good.

David Jackson  3:25  
Oh, my goodness. Hey, I gotta tell you, the you mentioned it was Easter week I was I got the the nod. First of all, this is one of the things were being a podcaster helps you in real life. And about 1015 minutes before the service, the Good Friday service, the pastor's like, Look, I'm not feeling really well tonight. Can you read the Scripture? Oh, my God, not a big deal. I'm thinking it's, you know, a couple of lines, it would have been easier for him to tell me what not to read in the Bible. It was the whole story of Jesus in the trial, the whole nine yards. And I looked at it. And as I was reading it, there were certain things that jumped out at me. And so just by adding the occasional, dramatic pause, because like, for example, one one famous line is My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? And people read that because they've heard it a million times. And all I said was, Oh, my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? And people like that was amazing. It was like they're called dramatic pauses and just different accents and things like that. And at one point, there was one where I said again, and again, they hit him with the staff and blah, blah, blah. And then when I got to like, and then they spit on him, I literally heard a woman gasp and I was like, this is kind of fun, like just dramatic pauses and different things. So words are really powerful, but the way you say them, you know different accents and things like that can really add new meaning to it. And what I was doing really in many cases was if I said something dramatic I just, I was watching.

Jim Collison  5:03  
This is a cerebral. Okay.

David Jackson  5:05  
Hi, Sara. And all I was doing was leaving room for people to kind of process the words that I just said. So if I said something dramatic or something about, you know, getting hit or spit or what I just gave an extra pause so people could kind of consume what they just heard I I edit a show for brain surgeons like legit, they're talking brain surgery. And there are times where the doctors will leave kind of these long pauses in as they kind of get ready for the next question or whatever. They're discussing white papers. And I asked him once they go, do you want me to kind of trim up some of that silence? He goes, nope, that's there he goes, because what we just said, was pretty heavy. And we're leaving the audience a chance to kind of consume what we just said. So that's another reason for in some cases, a dramatic pause. So

Jim Collison  5:59  
doesn't always work. Like when when you were doing it just now. Like it's, it feels awkward, right? hadn't built up to it. Right, right. Yeah. Thank you. You got to get in that. Sometimes you got to get in that mood for it. And you gotta get it there to make it effective. So just doing it just leaving, you know, if it's if it's done wrong, it's just an awkward pause.

David Jackson  6:19  
Yeah. Then you just like Shatner? Alright. You just gone my dude. Welcome to Ask the podcast. Coach. Yeah, that's that guys. So he is, what is he at now? I know. He went to space and he was up there, but I forgive him. I forgot. I just saw where he was doing. Oh, he was on. You ready for this? Alice Cooper has a podcast, which I did not know. And one of his guests was William Shatner. And I was like, there's there's two things that I just didn't quite see going together. But it was. It was different. I was just like, I didn't know Alice Cooper had a podcast. So Jimmy said you you actually 90 He's 90. Shatner is 91. He's Wow. Born in March. Wow. Wow, that's right. Wow. Okay. Yeah.

Jim Collison  7:16  
He's as old as my mom doing a little better than my mom. So he's doing pretty well. Well, that anyone's?

David Jackson  7:22  
Yeah, that's like when you get to 90 you can kind of say, You know what, I'm old. Like, it's not like I'm on the BACnet like, 10 year old. It's, I think everything

Jim Collison  7:30  
is okay at that point. So like, it should be once you hit 90 You have there's no rules anymore. You can say whatever you want. You can do whatever you want. Because it's just you've lived that long.

David Jackson  7:41  
Yeah. I was gonna say it is tax weekend, which I started I have all my lots of all my 1090 nines and yeah, that's looking forward to that this afternoon. I tried it a couple show. Yeah, I tried it a couple of times. And I just kept getting interrupted this weekend. So I'm just turning off the phone. And once you get it

Jim Collison  8:01  
Mondays, Monday is the deadline right? You gotta get it done. Yeah, haven't turned it in. I'm kind of glad I started mine. I to put mine off forever. I don't know why I should I had some cryptocurrency stuff that I was. I didn't I was worried about that actually was a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be, but

David Jackson  8:16  
and it can you share any insights without being a tax lawyer. And so don't take advice for just for entertainment purposes only. What did you find out about crypto? Because that's the one thing I'm like, Oh, crap, what I got to do with that?

Jim Collison  8:30  
Yeah, so I, you know, I use Coinbase as my kind of my, and they have really good, they've gotten really good in the last couple of years of D kind of doing it foria. So I'm a TurboTax. Guy, I'm not endorsing it, and they didn't buy a spot here, right. That's what I use. And they actually you can just connect it to to Coinbase. And it pulls all the transactions for the year in for you. And then it'll flag you with some questions. Hey, what's this one or we don't have a, we don't have all the information we need on this transaction. Can you fill it in for us? And it was actually a, I read through it and looked and kind of checked my transactions. And it looked as accurate as I could, as it could be. And it just made it really, really simple to kind of handle those crypto transactions. So that that I brought him in and it for for transactions that had a question and went out and found out what the pricing was for it. Put it in and it was done. So it was painful. I had a good year on crypto, so I had to pay a little bit back. Yeah, right. That's the that's the one thing but a couple I think just a couple tips. Overall. One, don't wait till the last minute. Yeah. So you can be late. I mean, I think, yeah, you can't really both you and I did like so we're guilty of that. Right. But you can I mean, there are some tax strategies as far as waiting to the last minute to pay. But I think it's a good idea to take care of it a little bit at a time in the year that you're in So make sure you're tracking receipts. You know, Dave, I think you're a FreshBooks guy, right? Don't you?

David Jackson  10:05  
I do. I, well, I used to. And now I use a thing from Fiverr called, oh, they changed it used to be had a really weird name. Fiverr workspace is what it's called. And it's super easy for simply it does a couple things really good. You can create invoices super easy. It tracks income, and expense, I have a they give you an email. So I just named it shoe box, because that's what they call it in the software. And I made a contact in my Gmail called first name shoe last name box. And anytime an invoice comes in and says you paid blueberry $12 for your hosting, I just go forward to shoe box. And it then sees that it's coming from me into that email address and puts it in this area. And then I just go in and go, Oh, that's an expense. So it makes it super easy to track profitable or not.

Jim Collison  10:59  
And do those, like keep track of it through the year, don't try to do it, especially like in April for the year before. Like it's just, you're under pressure, you're already dreading it if you can just kind of get there. So plan a little bit out, it's one of those things, Patreon does a really nice job of at least here for the United States, they do a really nice job of tracking for you, they have a tax section you can go to and download. I don't make enough on Patreon for it to even generate a 10 99k I think that's what it's called. And so I just put that manually in those kinds of things. So one, don't kind of don't wait till your till we get there on that day track everything. And then I think too, when you do file your taxes this year. Now is the time if you don't have those things in place right now is the time to put them in place. Yeah, because you're thinking about it. You're like, oh, yeah, like I forgot to I forgot to itemize my, my computer that I bought this last year I bought my I bought a Mac in 2021. I could I could write it off. Forgot, because my system wasn't as good. And I was you know, rely Oh, I go to I go to Amazon and look at some purchases that I made of equipment, hardware, some of those kinds of things. Okay, well, that didn't work because I didn't buy the Mac on Amazon. And so I physician heal thyself, I need to do this as well, which is put a better system in place right now while I'm thinking about it. So a couple things that you can do. Listen, your tax situation varies upon where you're at. You've got to Well, let me give 1/3 piece of advice. If you're terrible at it. hire somebody to do it. Yeah, right. If you've had five or 10 years of disasters, just hire somebody get a get a get a tax person. Get them now. Well, not now. They're a little busy right now here in the United States. But around June, they kind of they kind of get out of tax season right? Maybe even middle of May contact them and say or contact them now and say hey, I want to talk about my taxes and may get set up they'll help you get started like Kevin a tax accountability partner. Yeah.

David Jackson  13:07  
Jason says file quarterly. If you're self employed, it can suck a certain second certain parts of the year though. Yeah, I what I do is every month with my, you know, Fiverr workspace. I can see if I was profitable or not. And then I just take, how profitable was I? Great, let's take 30% of that. And stick it in. I have an online charter one account that, I guess if I wanted to, I could tie it into an ATM or whatever. No, it's I want it someplace where I cannot get to it. And I do that and then I automatically also pay quarterly taxes. So the cool thing about doing my taxes as much as it's a pain in the butt. I now have sucked so much money away and paid them ahead of time that I usually end up going, Oh, wow. Let's go buy a microphone or something. I usually end up with a little extra money, hopefully. But Kim says the CPA was my best invest investment as a self employed woman. And in all the fights with my husband, that's you know, that's not a lie right there and knew that my taxes were done correctly. I remember growing up when my dad who unfortunately was a long distance truck driver, so he's tired. He's home for the weekend. And he's got to do taxes and it was literally like everybody just left that like nobody just leave him at the kitchen table looking every now now he's still doing the taxes. Okay, well, we're gonna go to the grocery store.

Jim Collison  14:34  
Wellness, I paid significant amount this year, but I knew it was coming like I had. I knew I was going to take a pretty big capital gains hit on on the crypto stuff and and I also knew, you know, hadn't planned in we're going to correct that now, but I didn't plan very well on on our W two side of things. So it just owed more than I like but I knew it was coming so we had saved you know, saved money like you do put it away in account. So it's a good idea just to get get get a handle on some things in January, I kind of committed to checking the budget every day for the month of January, to just maybe catch some of those subscription things that were coming in. And I didn't know about and just kind of get a handle on it. And I've since stopped doing it. But it was really a nice reset for the year to kind of get a full look at, okay, here's a month of my finances, I've looked at them every single day, takes five minutes, right, and then make some decisions for the rest of the year. I think a lot of us spend time goal planning at the beginning of the year, setting some goals, whatever those are, I think it'd be a good idea to get a handle if you don't have a good handle on your finances, use the month of January to kind of get a handle on them set yourself up. All By the way, all that tax here in the United States anyways, all those tax forms are starting to come in in January as well. So that's a good opportunity to get them open. If you get them if you get them in the mail still or print them, if you need to put them in a folder, like have a tax folder or something that reminds you to do that, the easier you make it for yourself, the less you'll dread it again, physician heal thyself, Dave, we're talking to each other here, the easier you make it for yourself, the less you dread it as you get towards it.

David Jackson  16:15  
But and I found I know you're a turbo tax guy. I don't know what I think because I had h&r Block do my taxes once when I was in Cleveland. So I started started doing that myself using their system. And if you use the same system, it kind of knows all your stuff from the last time you did it. And that speeds things up. Because when you're looking up like your identity code for your county, and you're like, Ah, I don't know what that is. It's like wait, I use the one from last year. I'm like, Yes, I do. So

Jim Collison  16:45  
yes, please. Yeah, the is I was doing this year's it was bringing in because I've used TurboTax I think for eight years now, their online version. And so they were like, okay, in 2020. You You claimed this is especially helpful when doing the self employment podcasting stuff because we're I'm both I'm dual right I have a W two and I have this i podcasting stuff. And so it's a 2020 These are the things you took Well, that's a great reminder like, oh, yeah, oh, that's right. Oh, yeah, I can write off in my case. I can write off the what I paid for my tax software from last year. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I do in here in Nebraska, we need to or maybe it's on the federal side. Any any refund that you get is taxable. So it remembers from last year, okay. My state refund was this. I almost never have a refund on the state side. But and then it does some things and it says oh, yeah, actually gets that's not taxable. So it does it. All that stuff for you, which is pretty nice. So, some good, I think some good things to think about if you are holding off until Monday and you've got a plan. Awesome. said there's no, there's no reason to pay that any sooner than you absolutely have to. So if you're waiting till Monday to get it done, and you've got it done good on you. If you haven't done it yet, you got a couple

David Jackson  18:03  
more days, I have found this because I remember one time I had to pay and didn't quite save enough. That's what I learned to start putting money away. And so I sent in my taxes and that then gave me the time for them to process my tax and go hey, you forgot your cheque. And when you sent it in, they send it back and go a worse your checking. Oh, it's because that gave me like another month to save some not advisable. Yeah, not advisable. But it was I filed it. I filed on time, but it was a wait. Yeah, it's better to save some money. But hey, you want to see a fun trick? That will save you $300? Yeah, check out the new SM seven B. Oh, like here, here's an extra dollars last here's an SM seven b and here is oh wait, it's not an SM seven B. It's a it's a pod mic with a pop filter. But if you look at it, aside from the fact that the SM seven be pointed into the top, if you really liked the look of it, SM seven B just get a $99 pod mic. Of course there's no just like the and what gets me is listen to the difference. I was surprised at the SM seven be to me kind of cuts out some of the upper end

Jim Collison  19:16  
as he's disconnecting and reconnecting. And this is

David Jackson  19:21  
now the the road pod mic. And to me it sounded like it has definitely has a little more mid and like I'm a little more nasally here. But if I go to will this let me do this while I'm recording. If I go to my microphone and say hey, now I'm going to cut out here for a second. But there's an actual setting for the road pod mic on the road caster. So if I do this and there we go. And now this is their setting

Jim Collison  19:47  
for you. That does make a difference. We added a little more bass to it. Yeah. So it's a little quiet.

David Jackson  19:53  
Yeah, that's the thing. I was like wait, what we're what after my volume. Now I need to scream into the mic. But anyway, I just yeah. I thought it was fun.

Jim Collison  20:02  
And that there's a that's a $300 difference between

David Jackson  20:06  
the two. I believe so the let me

Jim Collison  20:08  
give your seven be a little more a little more juice, too. I know last week you were a little too loud. But we're a little.

David Jackson  20:15  
Here we go now I'm in the green. I should be right there. Perfect. Yeah, but yeah, so this the road pod mic is 99. And yes, we've learned a valuable lesson don't change the mic settings. thing. But I just I this thing pops like nobody's business as much as it has that cool grill on it. For me to super plosive. So I spent 11 bucks on a windscreen for it. And that seemed to, to take care of it. And it looks if so if you're getting an SM seven because it looks cool, man. Well, oh, you know,

Jim Collison  20:48  
you don't think actually people actually buy microphones just because they look cool, do you?

David Jackson  20:53  
Boo. I could say something that get me it would get me in trouble. But only because I listened to Elsie Escobar. And she'll she'll buy headphones, because they were cute. Yeah, yeah. So

Jim Collison  21:03  
that makes sense. It makes a lot. I know phones a little different than microphones though. Right? I mean, would you buy it? Would you buy, say at a really good looking microphone that was average quality versus an average looking microphone that had good quality? Which one are you going to purchase? I think you know, the same price.

David Jackson  21:21  
Yeah, I think it depends on if you're doing video or not. Because I know some people really obsess over their microphone when it's video. Because, you know, if I if I do, I mean, I can hide behind my microphone and nobody will see me. It's so big. So. But I mean, on the other hand, they made a a an electro voice, Ari 20. So that's the one that's 400 bucks. And normally, it's kind of this weird, almost like army ish beige. And they came out with a black version of it. I know the high LPR 40 had a gold version for a while. So I don't know if that's just for novelty. Or if people really care about what the microphone looks like. I don't know. But

Jim Collison  22:04  
yeah, well, it's it's just an interesting, you know, do you what do you listen, you can do whatever you want. Just to be honest, if you if you want some spectacular headphones, you know, I'm not a fan. I'm not a fan of over the year. I like earbuds. That's just what I like, I think it's a cleaner. Look, you can do whatever you want, which is pretty awesome.

David Jackson  22:26  
The I thought he was going to show up today there was a conversation going on in a Buzzsprout Facebook group. And it kind of got it was a topic that either, like at both ends, you were either absolutely not are like I don't care. And here was the question. The guy was saying it would be cool. If Buzzsprout could put a switch somewhere to allow you to show how many downloads you got on an episode. And I was like, that might be interesting. So in other words, share your stats publicly.

Jim Collison  23:04  
Okay. Oh, like YouTube does,

David Jackson  23:06  
like YouTube does. Yeah, basically, because he said that not a lot. But on occasion, his guests will go. So how did the episode do? And I've never had anybody asked me how to do episode, do I? They're probably like me once I do an interview. I'm off to the next one. Have you had people go? How did the interview do me? Yep. So he was saying, if you could show your stats publicly, then the guest wouldn't have to trouble you. I can't I personally kind of liked the idea. Because I think you kind of get the audience you get. And I've never been shy about my numbers. I'm like, if they're small, they're small. Like if they're, I don't know, to me again, I I look at it as the more niche you are, the smaller the numbers. And that's where everybody wants to kind of grade podcast downloads on the same scale. And I'm like, it's not, it's just there's just not, you know, the pygmy pony show is not gonna get as many downloads as the hey, we're all fat show. It's just it's just,

Jim Collison  24:07  
yeah, I think Spreaker had this early. Yeah, didn't they? And is it? I don't even know if it's still there. If you can turn it on or not, you gotta go to their site. You know, I don't know. I guess it just depends on what you want.

David Jackson  24:19  
Yeah, I was. And I know, I could see where sponsors, it might be cool. But if you're, on the other hand, if you have a sponsor, who's paying by the episode and not by the download, they might then do the math and realize that they're paying a $50 CPM instead of whatever they wanted to pay. And

Jim Collison  24:44  
that is true. adds that accountability, right. Yeah.

David Jackson  24:47  
So I think it'd be interesting to have the ability to turn them on if you wanted to. I would love to have a widget from Apple. That now that you have, have you looked at the new subscriber or follower Excuse me the following Oh,

Jim Collison  25:01  
no, not yet.

David Jackson  25:03  
I did, it's actually kind of cool because what it does is it's a follower account. So you can see how many followers you have. Now granted, again, this is only people listening on Apple. So it's not Google, although you can get it from Google. And yes, you can get your stats from Spotify. But each one is only showing what's going on in their app. And what was what was good, I was happy to see when I first saw it, is that the trend was ever so slightly going up. So it wasn't by any means a hockey stick, but it from left to right, it was it was higher on the right than it was on the left. So I was like, alright, that's a good trend. But you can also go in and say, show me, like how many like per month I think it is, how many I gained and how many I lost in the last one, of course, because we're podcasters, and we obsess over the negative reviews, and we're now going to obsess on the followers we lost. But I thought you might be able, and again, might is the key thing here might be able to say wow, it looks like I lost a fair amount more than usual, in March, and then go look at March and see what you did. But I the more I thought about that I'm like, Yeah, or, you know, somebody listened to a bunch of your back catalogue and went, Yeah, this isn't for me, and it has nothing to do. You know. So I on one hand, I was like, Oh, this is kind of a cool. It to me, it's a stat I will occasionally peek at. But I also was like, Oh, no more stats for people to obsess over. So we'll see.

Jim Collison  26:31  
Yeah, not Yeah, not a bit, not a bad idea. But again, it'd be nice. It's not the whole picture on audio, you know, like YouTube. That's, that's the whole picture. They own everything. So you, and nobody's really going anywhere else for the most part, to watch videos, but they're definitely on audio. You know, I probably pick up a third more listens on all the platforms, all the other platforms. So probably two thirds go to come from my feed. The other third come from all the other platforms that I'm on. So yeah, for stats, obsessors, that would be a nightmare, because they're like, Oh, I gotta go to all these other places and find it and whatever. So but I don't, I don't know, I'm more I'm more a percentage guy. Like, you know, I kind of have an idea how many come in on home gadget geeks, or even on the gallops side of things. You know, I'm more worried about percentages, where are we headed? And then Jason had made a comment a little, or was that Jason had made a comment a little earlier or Kim. That said, you know, ROI is oftentimes that's Craig right? You know, Craig said it? Well, I got two out of three. Somebody said it. Somebody said, Yeah, most sponsors should I would put in should go for ROI, not so much download numbers, they should they should be more worried about the value that they're getting, and not necessarily downloads. So I agree.

David Jackson  27:58  
And then Kyle says he uses a buy me a cup of coffee tool with my History podcast, number of sites that I measure success by who actually wait for it buys me a cup of coffee. And so people do actually buy you a cup of coffee. That's kind of cool. I'm actually thinking of starting a podcast where you buy me a cup of coffee even though technically, unlike Jim,

Jim Collison  28:26  
I want us to have a coffee. Sarah came and swiped. Some of it said she had two cups today

David Jackson  28:34  
have to have her make another pot of gas or something. But I got the pot down

Jim Collison  28:38  
here. I don't I do the Nespresso machine or something like that. But

David Jackson  28:44  
speaking of that time, because we've already heard this a bunch today, but it's time again. To thank our awesome supporters, speaking of buying people's coffee, and things of that nature, if you go to ask the podcast We always like to thank all of our awesome supporters that are listed over there. And of course, the dog bark is for the dog Podcast Network. That's James, if you have a dog of any size or shape or breed, you definitely want to go over to dog podcast They've got all sorts of different episodes on all sorts of different things and it's all dog. And they even have unfortunately, there's a huge percentage of dogs that end up battling cancer. And when I thought about that, I was like, yeah, like every dog I've had ends up with cancer. And so they actually have a podcast just for like cancer and your dog kind of thing. So if you have a dog, and you're looking for something to listen to when you go around the block, walking Fido go over to dog podcast and ask the podcast coach runs on pod page. If you want to try pod page, it's amazing. Go over to try pod And if you go you know the gym guy and his coffee, I just want me more of that. Go over to the average. and check out home gadget geeks. And when you're thinking of starting a pot, yeah, easy for me to say, thinking of starting a pot. Yeah, that's another pot of coffee. No. When you think podcasting, think school of podcasting, and come visit me. And again, if you'd like to be an awesome supporter, we do deeply appreciate it, especially around tax time, because that you just reminded me I was like, oh, yeah, I gotta go over to Patreon and download my tax information. It's at Ask the podcast Okay, I love that sound. And then Stefan in the chatroom says, If you want to see a nice visualization of a podcast check of a podcast check out Watchfinder on YouTube, like the episode with his wife, the videos kind of better as, as the most normal video so somebody's doing some sort of discovery too. I know Tim, who was out mowing his lawn has a podcast. Tim, if you're still out mowing the lawn, it's something like, find a podcast about I think was the name of it. Because people were like, how do I find a podcast about whatever. And apparently Tim goes out and finds a podcast, about whatever, and then tells you about it. So he's kind of your, your podcast, Sherpa out there helping you find the best podcast. We were talking earlier about YouTube and the different companies. And there's a story out now in the LA Times shocking that Facebook appears to be kind of losing interest in podcasting. And what I know, I was like, that isn't so well. Here's my thing is, if you're going to be doing anything with software, this, this drives me bananas as an educator, if you're doing anything with software, make a video on how to either install it, or use it or explain what it does that drives me nuts. So I remember when Facebook was like, Hey, you can put your podcast in Facebook. And I don't remember seeing many tutorials about it. I remember that I tried to follow one. And I had to be in my page, not my site, or it was just a mess. And then it only worked on the app. And I don't know about you. I don't I I'm weird. Apparently I rarely use Facebook on my phone because I'm in front of a computer all day. So I'm always on my desktop. And it didn't work on the desktop. And apparently it is not doing what they thought it did. And then the thing and the LA Times made a good point. And that was Facebook did this move. They started this move when clubhouse was going absolutely bonkers. And I was like Oh, that's true. Because remember when all of a sudden was like clubhouses I valued at 4 billion or some stupid number and all sudden Facebook's Like we do audio Spotify, like we do audio, and then fireside look at what he did is like and meanwhile none of them

Jim Collison  33:07  
are really? Yeah, no, no that listen, nothing changed. Like, not only did clubhouse go away? Not really. But I mean, it's those numbers are way down, right? That's not like Facebook and Twitter. And those spaces have come up there. I mean, how many? I'm gonna sound cynical, cynical moment. How many times we gotta try this, this thing in you know, listen, at some point, maybe it'll catch on it or work. But we've we've gone through a bunch of iterations of it. It doesn't dare I say it doesn't work. Can I say that? Is that okay? Well, I just don't I don't know just doesn't seem to work.

David Jackson  33:47  
I've said before I really liked it when there was a thing where one person was talking on a stage and other people listened. It was called dumb radio. Yeah, it's really not that new. I mean, what it said the guy here looking at his Twitter space, but we've got one person here still listening. We have Jay is listening on Twitter spaces. So and yeah, so I did the new media

Jim Collison  34:11  
show get a get a get a quote on in the LA Times. That article that you posted. Oh really quotes them right? Yes As last April during a hot market for audio Facebook launched live audio rooms short form stories called sound bites for podcasts for us users. The company signed deals with creators and sponsored one of the industry's biggest US conferences, Podcast Movement, Facebook, product managers even Oh, okay. Yeah, well even appeared on the longtime Industry Program, new media show to encourage podcasters to join the platform. So Ashley, Ashley from Bloomberg wrote this LA Times. Todd Rob Nice job. You guys got quoted in LA Times.

Unknown Speaker  34:54  
Here you go.

David Jackson  34:57  
Now is does it say like in the LA Times, please read in a Todd Cochran voice or rob Greenlee voice or

Jim Collison  35:05  
get an NDA. I can't really I'm going to say it.

David Jackson  35:09  
I was laughing. And to his credit, because Todd is kind of famous for like, Alright, I've got this thing, I can't really tell you about it. And then he tells you about it. It's secret. And there was something in the last episode where he was saying something about I can't, I can't talk about too much more, because people will put two and two together, and I actually hit rewind to see if I could put two and two together. And to his credit, I could not. So there you go. That was

Jim Collison  35:35  
my favorite is when he says that. And then Rob says, I think it's already public. And you're like, oh, dad's like, oh, well, I guess I can say it then. So it's, it's fun listening to those guys. I really I really do. Yeah, listen into both of them.

David Jackson  35:49  
Here's a fun I saw this in in Facebook. And I thought this would be good to bring up this is from I believe it's pronounced Joe Lynn. Hi, there. I've been wanting to start a podcast for my own of my own for a long time. Now. I have my theme down, I have my name down. I have a logo and even my research topics and scripts. But our problem is, I suffer from social anxiety. And I know I would be okay with strangers listening. But it's people I know listening that scare me. If you suffer from this and have your own podcast, what motivated you to go through with it? And what's the best preferably free platform to start with, I was thinking about anchor and I'm not even gonna go there. We all know Dave's thoughts on Anchor, but just thought I'd hopefully get some professional opinions. Lastly, any tips or suggestions on how to succeed, once I do start is greatly appreciated. So I just wanted to cover the social anxiety and worried about people listening to your show. And I have heard this phrase, probably more than any other phrase when I go to podcast events. And that is my family doesn't even listen to this. And so I think again, sometimes people get really nervous about the audience, like when I launch, it's going to go out to the audience. And I'm here to tell you, it's like 13 people, if you count your cousins, it's really not this giant number. Just because you're an Apple and Google and Spotify and Amazon does not mean you're gonna get 2000 downloads, you're gonna get, you know, maybe 150 If you're doing really good. And for me, I think one of the great things about podcasting is if you are introverted, it's a great way to meet lots of people without actually meeting lots of people. I don't know what Jim, what would you say just to somebody who's kind of nervous about, you know, I A The other thing to think of, if you're worried if you're saying things that you don't want your family to hear? I don't know that I would mention those in a podcast because the internet writes in ink. And so like I had somebody that contacted me, and they wanted to do a podcast about what a not so nice person, her stepmom was, because her father had died. And her stepmom was just not being a nice person. And I said, Are you going to use her real name? And she goes, Yeah, and I go, Alright, there's this thing called liable, that you might want to look into, and the fact that, you know, if, you know, that is still kind of your family. And, you know, it's like, it's kind of hard to erase, when, you know, so I always say, Be careful talking about your family, because you chose to start a podcast, they didn't. And so I learned that lesson a couple different ways. You know, so be careful with that.

Jim Collison  38:58  
I think people who are a little more cautious about what they say are a little more timid in saying it actually can make better podcasters. Like, you know, listen to the folks who just want to talk, you know, just get it out. I don't care what anybody thinks. I'm just gonna do this thing. I'm gonna, you know, I'm gonna jump on and turn on the mic. I'm not so sure. At least for me, my preference is not as well thought out. I think that that worry. And that stress that it's caused him actually makes them think a little bit more about what they're going to do. And I think sometimes it's just more thoughtful, you know, more thought, and more care goes into it. broad generalization. This, your mileage might vary, but I just, I think it's good I, I work when we have guests on the Gallup podcasts all the time, and they're always like, I'm so nervous. And I'm like, That's good. Good, but yes, like, lean into that nervousness, because it's gonna make you better when we do this. So you shouldn't be in fact I still get nervous before I do the, you know, any podcast that I do I get nervous. I think it's a good, that's a good indication, right? I think that's a good, it's a good emotion to have. And I always ask my guests don't try to wish it away. It'll go away after we do this for a while, but it'll make you a little sharper early on in the program. So I don't I don't mind if people are timid. It's like good. Okay, good. You care about what you're about to say? Yeah, that's good. Now, you got to push forward and actually do something if you if you want to.

David Jackson  40:31  
Right. Yeah, that's it. And, again, I always just picture the one person sitting across the table from me, and that's who I'm talking to. So that way, I'm not worried about the audience. I had mark on my show last week. This is a guy that's, uh, you know, he's flown in the Air Force. He's been in a couple different wars and stuff. And he did the smart thing, he recorded his first episode, I think four times, by the time he put it out. Because the first one he was reading it, and reading it really fast. And then the second one he had slowed down, but it still sounded like he was reading it. And so by the third and fourth times, he got it done. So keep in mind that when you record that first episode, you don't have to put it out. You know, that's a lot of times, it's just treat it like a practice.

Jim Collison  41:20  
It's so hard to do, though, for people that is like, they think it's like gold, like I created this thing. And it I put so much work into it in if you can just endless I'm probably guilty of this myself, if you can just treat it like a practice and say, Yeah, I wouldn't take some of the things that I do. You know, when you're learning to play any sport, the whole reason you don't just play games is, so you've got some time to get better at it before you play the game. But that for some reason, that doesn't translate very well. In the podcasting space. It's like, Nope, I'm in the game from day one. And I'm everything is gonna go live. And you can like, oh, yeah, you know, brand new podcasters who asked me, and I get folks in the Omaha area who say, Hey, I know your podcast, can we spend a few minutes? And I'll be my son who's thinking about doing this? I told him, yeah, let's let's create some stuff and then throw it away. And it's gonna be really, really hard. But she got to do it. You gotta get some practicing.

David Jackson  42:21  
Yeah, Coach Dave says, I recorded my first episode four to five times two. And he said, each iteration was a better polished. Tom Taylor says, As a preacher, when I'm not a bit nervous, that's when I screw up. And the other thing is, I mentioned at the beginning, I was reading at my church last night. And I got a whopping 1015 minutes to kind of see what I was reading at a time. And there was one I got, like, through halfway through the first sentence, and it dawned on me that I had the wrong kind of tone of voice. Like it was a question, but it didn't sound like a question. And I just stopped mid sentence. I was like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I just went and then started again, and nobody said a thing. Like, I can't believe how dare you really. And I was like, Nope, they just everybody knew, like, when they heard the the correct version, they're like, Oh, I see what he did there. He was going down the wrong way. So it's getting the beautiful thing that was live. If it was a podcast, I would edit it out, and nobody would have known. So that's the

Jim Collison  43:24  
you. In those live situations, though, Dave, you could have stopped for a second say, let me start this again. Right. And, and that's okay. You know, I think sometimes we think when we're when we're doing those kinds of things live like it's okay. And your podcast. Like get started. I had my own video. I had my video editor the other day. He's like, Hey, you, we've had a couple really bad spots over the last couple months that I wish you just want to reset. Like, I'm like, he's like, like, you're not doing enough. There's not enough people watching live that it really matters. And he says it's true. We have 3035 Maybe it's not a big deal. I could just say live hey, look, let's go back and do this again. Because it didn't sound very good. My editor would appreciate this. That's okay. And I But too often I get caught up in this live like, oh, no, it's I messed up. I gotta act like it never happened. No, just say, Hey, let me let me reset that. Yes. Start again. People actually think will appreciate it.

David Jackson  44:20  
Craig says, I've learned to like that pre show pre presentation nurses. What I talk live on stage by hands turned wider than they normally are, and start to sweat and they get really cold. And that's to me when I go oh, it must be fun. Yep, it's five minutes till I start. And that's just hot in the minute I start, I'm fine. But beforehand, my body makes my hands go really cold. Dave Canyon says my simple advisor, help overcome that fear is too high. We're still here to broadcast under a different name. There's no leak. I would advise that especially if you're a female. There's no legal obligation to tell anyone your real name for that matter. You don't don't need to use your real voice. You can have a different attitude be a character other than you are. That can be hard by the way. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker  45:07  
know what you're talking about. No one is going to check to verify. No one fact checks a new podcast this way you can breathe and now you're LTE. Go take the hits, and make the mistakes. Yeah,

David Jackson  45:20  
except after about 20 minutes you're you a you fall out of character that takes a lot. I tried to do that

Jim Collison  45:26  
one. It's a lot of work. Yeah. Did you get mugged while you everything was up in an old guy came in? It's an old guy came

David Jackson  45:31  
in kicked me out of my chair. Yeah. So but if you are a female, I would consider coming up with a, especially if you're doing video, that would be the one if you're doing video, and you're female, I would consider using a pseudo name. Why? Because guys are creepy. That's really all I need to say. So it's, it's fun.

Jim Collison  45:54  
Well, listen, I watch a lot of YouTubers who do these these homestead things. And so it's not even it's a husband and wife or whatever. And every single one of them that I've watched, they've had an incident where somebody has come on their property uninvited, a listener, a watcher, right? Has, and they don't, you know, oftentimes they don't publish where they live, they don't advertise it. But people on YouTube have figured out like they've looked around, and they've done some research. And they've, you know, done screenshots to see and they've triangulated. And they figured out where they live, and they show up every single one of them. Has somebody show up. So anything you do, I mean, if you're gonna get into this space, you got to know it, probably at some point, you're gonna have you just you have to protect yourself from this and know, somebody's going to show up on this thing. If you get in if you get really popular. You're going to need to do some things he gets a little bit yeah, many of my YouTube friends have now are now sponsored by simply safe, right? And they run that, you know, cameras and that kind of stuff. And they're very vocal about, hey, we've got cameras installed on our property, you know. So that's the weird side to this I don't think a lot of people think about is you start getting more and more and more listeners. And you're right, there are some. There are some interesting individuals. Yeah, out there.

David Jackson  47:19  
There are times when somebody be like, Hey, I listen to your show. I'm going to be in town. Like, can we meet up but I'll just go to so if you ever, like find out that I was killed and Luigis pizza. It was a listener? So, yeah, and Dave, Dave, Dave, saying my voice change was just a bit extreme. You don't have to go that with it. Yes, it's definitely recommended for women and anyone doing any doing a political podcast, boy talk about there are two things that I just kind of go have fun with that. And that doesn't mean you shouldn't start it. If this is what you love to talk about in your passion, by all means do political podcast. And the other one is a sports podcast. Like Jason's in the chat room, Jason has kind of a neat show. niche topic, right? College wrestling doesn't get a lot of play on TV and things like that. So it's perfect for a podcast. But if I was doing a show about just general sports, and we're going to talk baseball, basketball, and football, I always kind of go, you do know there's this thing called ESPN that really embraced podcasting fairly early. It's like, that could be a little bit of a competition. Whereas if you niche down and talked about your high school football or whatever, especially like in Texas, Texas, high school football is like college football in other states. It's crazy. So everybody's talking about nervousness on stage. And they're all like Kim teaches that in her, she teaches a speech class, and accepting your stage fright is just something you do you just have to get used to it. Don't let it stop you. You know, I guess is the thing when it comes down to it. And then she was saying how like you had said, Just go hey, let me do that again. Some of the chat room was saying yeah, don't don't bring attention to it. Don't apologize. And depends

Jim Collison  49:12  
on the mistake. Yeah. Yeah.

David Jackson  49:15  
And then Dave says, wait, I delivered a speech in New Orleans. 100% clean. The next morning I bombed to embarrassment took me two years to get back on the horse. I'm not quite sure I get that. Well,

Jim Collison  49:26  
I think he did a speech in the evening. That was good. And then the next morning.

David Jackson  49:30  
Oh, that's true. That it depends on your audience. That's I usually have. If I'm going to try to be funny, I usually have a couple things at the beginning. And I'm looking at the audience just to see if I can even get them to smile. And if they smile, great IF THEY GIGGLE that's even better. But I kind of because some people are just I just want the facts. Look, just keep your jokes to yourself. So we shall see what happens with that.

Jim Collison  49:56  
When I was when I was 19 I got out Do this event. And it was just a disaster. And I today like I still have memory like I blocked out it was so painful. What I so embarrassing what you know what happened to me. And and that that set me in motion for the next couple years of you know, Coach Dave talks about that fear I would not know seems weird. I would not get up in front of people. For years after that it took me a long time to overcome that I needed to have some successes and eventually it kicked in and things are fine. And I love you know, I'd love to get back in front of big crowds. But that's a real deal. You know, you're getting up and bombing and being embarrassed by it is the real deal. And and it's it's a tough, it's tough to come back from that for sure.

David Jackson  50:47  
Yeah, it's weird. I've heard comedians talk. I just heard Amy Schumer on Howard Stern. And she was talking about how she loves to bomb, because it kind of helps her shaper material. And she's like, it's insights that you can't get she like, Look, we all love it. When people are laughing. She's like, but when they're bombing, she goes a, you become instantly aware that, wow, nothing is working. She's like, So you ended up being kind of a little more sensitive to trying to get the crowd to work. But it was like, wow, I didn't know that. If I was a comedian. I would love to bomb but she was like, Oh, it's a great learning experience. And I was like, well, that's a great attitude. But it's,

Jim Collison  51:27  
it happens. Well, that's self awareness. And I think even as a podcaster. In an interview, this is important to have the self awareness to know how is this going? Like how I it's almost another, you know, in a in the interview space, if you're doing podcast interviews, a lot of those. It's one thing to have great questions and to know you're moving along in the interview, and you're getting great answers. But to kind of get a feel, this is why I have a hard time doing this without a live audience. Because I'm always reading every Saturday. I'm reading the audience as far as like, Hey, how are we doing? Where are things going? How's it feeling? So that's a whole nother level of of, Hey, are we hitting it here? Or is this Are we getting someplace with this? That that takes a little bit of, you know, a little bit more awareness to know, like, yeah, we're making or making something happen. It takes some practice to get it done. But it's another another one of those levels in interviewing.

David Jackson  52:28  
And of course, if you want to brush up on your speaking skills, you can join Toastmasters. Check out Kim over Toastmasters one, oh She is I always forget her title. She is the grand Pooh bah. Of like, literally, there's different levels. And she you can't go any higher than than Kim. I believe she's always good.

Jim Collison  52:47  
They run a really good program structured in a way that I think can improve anybody's public speaking. Yeah. And not just in not just public speaking. But podcasting. And I think there's just some really good things you can learn from it. The criticism, we don't get the criticism that you would get in Toastmasters, like you're they're gonna, they're going to critique you. And that's just I think that is helpful. Oh, always?

David Jackson  53:12  
Absolutely. Yeah, I think the more you can view, any performance in a podcast or in person, things like that is kind of a performance. And that. I mean, I always am trying anything I could do to make anything better. I'm wide open for suggestions and improvements and things of that nature. So

Jim Collison  53:33  
Dave, do you think sometimes though, we go in cycles, where we, we were open to criticism, we're open to learning, then you get you get better. And then you're like, I don't know if I want to, I don't know, if I want to change at this point. I'm pretty good with where I'm at. And you're not as open to criticism as maybe you are during those times. Do you think you'd go through cycles like that?

David Jackson  53:56  
I think so I think what can happen is you are open to constructive feedback, and you get some, and you're processing it, and then somebody else gives you a little more and you're like, Okay, well put that over there. I'm still processing the first one. And then somebody else goes, Oh, yeah, and something else you could do. And there comes a point when you're you kind of go okay, I got it. I mean, you're gonna eventually egos kind of get hit, and your that attitudes, which might might happen, I could see that. And then there are I think it's a case where if you have a really focused vision on where you want to go, and people keep suggesting things that just don't fit in with your vision. In other words, those people are not your target audience. And they're trying to get you to do something that you like, No, you don't see my vision. I'm doing this that I can see where after you see that kind of response multiple times that you're going to just start going, you know, I have to be very careful with this. With Lipson. If somebody says, hey, when I hit play on this, it's not playing, it's playing at the wrong speed, it shows 17 minutes when it's really 24, anything to do with playback, my knee jerk reaction, because 98% of the time, you have exported your file using variable bit rate in Audacity, and it just causes all sorts of weird stuff. I know that, but I still have to go through a series of tests to verify, you know, is it this is that that is that this and that, because if I just email them, and say you're using variable bit rate, go in here, do this and up, up up, that's the time that it's, you know, I download their file, look at and go, Oh, wait, they're not using variable bit rate and something else. So I think that might be part of it, where people are just assuming that you're saying the same thing that the last person just said, and they said, so I think that would be another reason why sometimes people want to close the door to constructive feedback. They're like, Ah, you're just gonna say what everybody else said, yeah, you might want to keep that open.

Jim Collison  56:04  
You can tell when you've worked with a customer support person who's been beaten up over that same thing, because, you their, this their tone, or their voice changes, and they're like, Okay, I, you know, listen, I've given support this way, sometimes where you're a little condescending to the customer, and you're not listen, they they weren't the, you know, they weren't there for the 15 or 5000. Other times, you've had to say this kind of thing. And it's really embarrassing when you go down that path, and that's not the problem, then you're like, Oh, I treated them poorly. And it wasn't the problem. So I think you got to check if you're going to be in that kind of role. You got to kind of check the ego at the door and be, you know, or come up with some things to say, hey, look, I know, this is probably it, but we're gonna check this really quick, just to make sure you know, did you reboot, that kind of thing? Let's go ahead and reboot. Let's just see how that goes. You know, type deal. So it's, it's definitely one of those, you know, when we get criticism, I get on home gadget geeks, you know, with 530 episodes. Now. I have a long intro. It's, it's what I do. Yeah. And I've gotten criticism for it on YouTube. And in you, if you if you did a podcast or audio on it, you'd probably say, six minutes to get to the material, seven minutes to get the material. I don't care. Like I that this is what I do. That's one of those things that I'm like, Yeah, this is part of our show. It's part of what we do. It's part of the it's part of what I want. I I'm not going to people, I'm like, if you don't like it, don't listen. Well, or fast forward, figure it out. But I'm going to continue to do something like that. So I think sometimes Dave, it's important in your to know what you want to do. And not just give in just because people are like, you know, this is boring. Change the subject? Well, we're gonna keep going well, yeah, we like it. Right. Yeah. So

David Jackson  57:58  
Stevan in the chat room, says Lipson studio, didn't you want to talk about it or something? I think it did a couple of weeks ago. I recommend it for anybody, like a school. Like, hey, we want to do a show for our class, we need something free. It's super simple. It is definitely beta. So there are you don't really get any stats, you're gonna get somebody that sounds a lot like me, that says This podcast was created using Libsyn studio in the middle of your show. There's not much to it. It's it. Oh, I remember what it was going to do. I was going to download a file and see what the the expert was. I know you can do a 301 redirect if you would decide to move. But I forget what I think that's what he's going to do is going to download a file. It's not it's not something from I just And again, it's always kind of awkward because I work for Lipson. I don't recommend free medios. Like either, like I said, if it was a school, then it's our third grade wants to do a podcast by all means lips in studio all the way go to town. Why do I choose Dave says speaking of Lipson, why do I choose not to use Lipson app for your show? I consider turning it on and see Jen briny using it. I'm not sure what you mean when you say not use the Lipson app for your show.

Jim Collison  59:15  
Do they have a phone app does Lipson have a phone app that that just general for just the show?

David Jackson  59:21  
Like Spreaker does. And well I mean, we're in the Oh Lipson has an app that has every show that's in Libsyn in it. And it's again, not my favorite app, I would much rather use overcast or apple or something like that. And you said Jen Briney uses it as well. Jen has a player on her website. Speaking of that, we should talk about that just for fun. Let me be fire this up. We are always talking about here and we'll do this we'll share my screen or so. Share Screen There we go. Pick one that screen that's this one. And that is, uh, he's mentioning congressional dish, which is a great podcast. But I should have mentioned this at the beginning of the show. If you want to see Mark from podcast Want to see his work, go over to congressional dish, because Mark is the guy that did her website, podcast episodes. There we go. Because she's using I saw that she's using Libsyn for players I would recommend. Yeah, so this is a Lipson for player. A Lipson five player is so much prettier than that. So, Coach Dave, I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say the Lipson app. So

Jim Collison  1:00:36  
he was saying they have a they have a dedicated don't have a dedicated app per Oh, Lipson has a has an app made for each show independently. No, you can, if you would submit to the store.

David Jackson  1:00:46  
You can if you want, I have one for the School of podcasting. But I would now if somebody said and that's for, if you want to, like sell your podcast, you don't have to sell it. But it's it's an additional 10 bucks a month because of Apple, because you know how fun it is to keep things updated. So every time Apple updates, we have a team that makes sure all the apps up to date and things of that nature. So yeah, that's it's handy. The nice thing about that is you do have people that like, what's the podcast, I don't know. So they don't understand like, oh, just subscribe an apple pod. They don't understand that. But they do know how to download an app. So and in fact, I don't even promote my school of podcasting app. And I get probably five to 10 people a month that download the app, and I never mentioned it. So it is a way to to grow your audience. I think now if somebody wanted a an app as a way to do a premium thing, which is something people like Jim Harold do, right? He's got his spooky app, or whatever it is a Jim, he uses my lips in a lot to sell premium content. If I was starting premium content today, I would use Just because it's so much easier than Patreon. You don't get the level thing. But if you're like, Look, if you want to support me, it's 20 bucks a month, or 10 bucks a month or whatever. And what's cool about Glo, is when you sign up, it sends you an email. And then when you click on it, it looks at what kind of phone you have. So if you're on Android, it might suggest Google podcasts and Pocket Casts and all these Android devices. If I was on an iPhone, it's like, Oh, do you want to use Apple podcasts or overcast or whatever. So it's just a little easier that way. But so I think it would depend. Plus, most of my audiences are nerds, like Glenn, like we go with the horse radio, Glenn, I'm pretty sure has an app for his show. And for his network, because he'll be the first to tell you that horse people are not always the most technical. So it kind of depends on who your audience is, if you want to, to get an app or or something of that nature. So

Jim Collison  1:02:56  
I did one for Spreaker, you know, $100 a year for either platform. iOS or Android. It was hit or miss for me didn't get a lot through it didn't, you know, again, all my listeners pretty technical, pretty good at subscribing and their favorite podcast app. And one of the advantages to it was it was easier to listen to the live show, because we ran this live show through Spreaker than it does finding a live show and from a podcast standpoint can be difficult. So the app made it easier to listen live. And I did have some folks use it for that. So but I just didn't get enough traction. I stopped paying for it and took it off the store and heard nothing. So I was like, okay, good. Nobody was like, hey, my apps not working anymore. They are working on

David Jackson  1:03:49  
that as a spec in the whole podcasting 2.0 thing. They're trying to have some sort of tag that you'll be able to put in. So if you're going live, it would come up in whatever app you're you're in. So that could be pretty cool. So and one last thing on the app, Coach Dave says it's $10 a month. Plus you have to have a $20 month plan. So you're looking at $30 a month to to have the

Jim Collison  1:04:17  
budget you didn't even see I just was trying to sneak it in without having to do a whole nother poor but you are on top of the Dave Jackson.

David Jackson  1:04:25  
There we go. And from Stargate pioneer, he says look, I know this is about 10 minutes ago, but that's alright. He says if you're going to use a name that isn't yours, like say, I don't know, Stargate pioneer. Although, you know, there are rumors that that's actually his real name, like his mother like, Oh, it's a boy. I will name him Stargate, you know, and it just so happened that the pioneers, you know, the like God's name in Stargate? He said I would highly recommend using a stage name or a pseudo name and not an avatar name, but both have issues. So

Jim Collison  1:04:58  
listen, when I do find Got what his name is? Because I don't know. I'm not going to be able to call him I do know I'll have. Well, I would not be able to call him. It's

David Jackson  1:05:06  
good. gern Blanston that's it good here. He's got books out under that name. This is an old Steve Martin joke. Learn with gern simply gern Yes, that's Steve. Did that. My real name is

Jim Collison  1:05:22  
it one day I got really small Blanston Okay.

David Jackson  1:05:28  
Cauldron says hey, I polled my audience about apps and podcasting. 2.0 exactly zero of the almost 200 response and heard of Satoshis are podcasting. 2.0 most use Spotify? Yeah, that's the whole podcasting. 2.0 Satoshi thing, by the way, feel free to boost this show right now we have that. But there are, it's not even a problem. It's just, it's early. It's really, really early. And I, you know, I'm happy now that you can do Bitcoin stuff on Twitter and the cash app. So there are things that are slowly moving it to the mainstream, but we have a ways to go. And then then we talked about this last week, where if you give somebody 2000 Satoshis, that sounds like a ton, but it's really like 45 cents.

Jim Collison  1:06:16  
It's like the difference between the yen and the dollar, you get this like, Oh, this is this ramen is 10,000 yen? And you're like, 10,000 like, well, that's like $10 Yeah, right. And so the Satoshis kind of the same way.

David Jackson  1:06:30  
Yeah, it's it's got a ways to go. But I do like some of

Jim Collison  1:06:34  
it makes sense. And it makes sense from what they're trying to do. You can't you know, you gotta get down to a certain level. And from, from a value standpoint, it's gonna be a while, like 10 years ago, most people didn't know what maybe 15 didn't know what a podcast was. Well, now, I mean, Edison Research would would show that, that almost everybody at least has heard of the word podcasts and knows what they are. I think the same thing and this kind of in this too. Oh, space, it's just gonna take, it'll just take some time to get to get that stuff out. To to Coltrane's point, though. In this, you got to go with what's working now. Right. But then I on the future, right. So it'd be thinking like, Hey, where are most of my, if it's Spotify, then double down on Spotify. But don't ignore some of the things that are coming in the future. Always have an eye looking ahead to say, hey, is this blank thing going to work? Yeah, what have is this clubhouse thing going to work? Well May could have. Its you can't just ignore it, you kind of need to know what's going on. But choose your you know, choose your adventure as to what you how you want to fight. But I think he had to keep eyes wide open to him. And I think for podcasters we need to stay up to date and at least pay attention to what's happening to the 2.0 space. RSS 2.0 No podcasting 2.0 in the new RSS spec, just at least read up on it every once in a while.

David Jackson  1:08:02  
Yeah, and it is. I mean, even the podcasting 2.0 podcast has a way for you to donate via PayPal, because they realize like some people just aren't into the whole thing. So what one of the thing that I'm playing with, let me share my screen is that's kind of cool on the podcasting 2.0 thing, but again, a when it was normal, not everybody used these. And now that there's a new version of it, and that is chapters, and this is a thing at Studio dot hyper And you basically put your RSS feed in. And so I went into, then you can go into an episode, and say, hey, at this time, put this image at this, and then you can put links. So here if I, when I do the whole, hey, School of podcasting join today kind of thing. I have a link to that. And I can put an image. So in some apps, you'll be able to actually have an image and a link, which you can kind of do in overcast, if you're using the chapters in Hindenburg, which are different than these. But here's the thing where this is kind of cooler, is it when you're using this kind of online, that's their whole thing. They want the chapters to be in the cloud, where that really comes in handy. And that's what I've been playing with. And man, I had a total train wreck this week, I've been doing dynamic content. And man, if you're doing dynamic content, make sure it's right the first time you upload it. Because once your episode gets dynamically created and you try to upload a new file, it made a really obvious mistake, like all of a sudden when like you previously told it that the 17 minute and 37 second mark, play this. And now you've uploaded something and even though I've gone in and said no no, it's now 17 seconds and 35 seconds, move it down about 15 seconds. There's a whole caching issue. It was just cats and dogs living together. It was mayhem. Oh, okay. Yeah. But the cool thing is about these chapters that are in the cloud is where dynamic content just blows out any chapters you have inside the mp3 file, which is what Hindenburg does, and a couple other tools. Because this is cloud based, your chapters kind of, you can still have dynamic content. That's the good news. The bad news is that's a podcasting 2.0 thing. So only things like cast a pod and a few other apps are using the new kinds of chapters, not the old kind of chapters. And so again, it's early. Hopefully, eventually, eventually, people are either going to adopt these tools, because they make podcasting better. That's the whole point of it. Or they're just going to go now, they were really kind of bummed that Amazon said they're going to start transcribing shows were like, Oh, cool. Are you going to use the new transcriptions tag where people can just click a button and see the trend? And we're going to do our own? Like, did this Oh, yeah, it gets kind of

Jim Collison  1:11:05  
weird. So yeah, that's That's unfortunate. Transcripts are gonna be they're gonna, they are important. today. Yeah. Transcripts are important today. You need to be providing them.

David Jackson  1:11:15  
Coach Dave is pointing out the Lipson was having not a great day yesterday. Stats processing is running again. It's nearly a day behind it will take at least several days to catch up. You'll see your stats begin to update. Yeah, we never stopped collecting stats. That's the one thing. The other thing. I think it was yesterday. Yeah. Good Friday, where are Thursday? I don't know, anyway, but there was a time where it was a hard time logging into Lipson for a very brief time, they got that fixed really quick, as you might imagine, at three in the morning, by the way, thank you, Todd, for he must have some sort of bizarre alarm thing that, you know, throws him out of bed. And he got that fixed. But people always worry about them. That's the thing. We've said, Hey, we had a small outage where you couldn't log in, and everybody now is going to hyper down on their stats, your stats, there's so many backups of the backup of the backup of the backup. We always collect your stats, it's just a matter now we have to go through the logs and process them to get them on your dashboard. So your stats are fine. You didn't lose outside.

Jim Collison  1:12:14  
Yeah, get some sun. See the sun for the first time in a while drink some coffee? It'll be fine. It'll come back.

David Jackson  1:12:21  
Yes. Kyle says Ask anybody. What a Satoshi is. And yeah, nobody's gonna know that. It is just what they will though.

Jim Collison  1:12:28  
They will. Yeah, this is gonna be this is listen, this is gonna be a thing. Now whether it's a thing and podcasting or not, it's a different story. In the future, it will be a thing you definitely want to pay attention to what's going on. If you're a podcaster doesn't mean you have to invest in it doesn't mean you have to know, I was Dave, I was chatting with my sister, who's, who's a middle school teacher in Portland and fairly up to date on stuff. And I was we were talking a little bit about Bitcoin. And she's like, what is that? And she literally had no yeah, no concept. So we've still got some, we've got some work to do. That's one of those things, you should just at least know about it. I'm just, I'm just telling you, you're gonna go like like podcasting. 2.0, you probably just want to pay a little attention to it just you don't have to know how it works. But that is one of those things you just might want to stay up to date on.

David Jackson  1:13:24  
Yeah, I need to find Jeff Towson apparently has sent me a friend weak request. I am horrible at friend requests and Facebook. So Jeff, that is not a personal thing. I will have to go through that. A Jim, do you get a lot of face requests? From Facebook, on Facebook from really young, attractive females named like, I don't know, candy.

Jim Collison  1:13:46  
I don't get I don't get many, I must have blocked that or something. I don't get those spam. I get them. Sometimes. We get a lot of spam requests for our groups, you know, three different groups that are moderate on Facebook. And I see. And then Facebook has switched the way they've do groups now. And the way the so some groups are moderated one way and other groups are moderated another. I don't know exactly how all those pieces are working. If your group moderator or Dave, in your case, if you're getting spam, if you're getting friend requests from from those are really just spam users. Right? That I think there's a way to block that down or to or to put some permission things on it. You got to be careful on Facebook, you really do. I don't blame people who just decide to delete their account and go away. You know, it's a it's a haven for those kinds of things. Be careful out there.

David Jackson  1:14:41  
Yeah, I know. Jeff is saying Wait, you mean Candy's not real now,

Jim Collison  1:14:45  
whether somebody said somebody set it up a real person did this, but it's not. It's not anything good.

David Jackson  1:14:51  
Chris wants to know Dave mother effing Jackson, did I talk about my new book? This was a thing I just noticed. Again, there are times times when you end up in Facebook, or Apple would be even better. And you just noticed like one was the or Okay, Boomer, they're like 50 shows called OK, Boomer, and then I happen to see that there are just so many shows now, with the, like guts, Asterix out this. So I said, I'm writing a new book. It's called How to be a badass effing no BS. podcaster, who has his s together doesn't give an F comma b. And then it says your guy to a six figure income making interesting podcasts featuring interesting people that inspire and empower listeners to tune out of your show a book by Dave, Mother effing Jackson. And just to me my whole look, it's your, you know, it's your book, right? Whatever it is, I was just like, I think it's been done. I think we get it. It used to be edgy, like, oh, and then I remember I was back when we had a borders, there was an actual bookstore in Akron, Ohio, and I walked in and they had an old endcap about fix your effing self and F in this and so that and look, I'm no prude, but I was just like, Okay, I get it. Like, it's, I think we've all seen it. And it's, it's kind of like the pet rock from the 70s or insert any like, Okay, we've got it. It was cute. Haha. But like, yeah, it's, you know, maybe fine. Just it's about as creative as another Friday the 13th like movie, you know what I mean? It's like, okay, I'm pretty sure. You know, now there is an audience

Jim Collison  1:16:35  
is you need to be everybody's, that's that's the thing in this space of influencers, right? Everybody's trying to get the edge on it. If I you know, I do this. I'll get the if I do this. I'll get the edge.

David Jackson  1:16:49  
It's the on fire of podcasting is now it's the asterik in books. Hey, Tanner Campbell is here. Who just rebranded his show was podcasting sucks. And now it's good morning. podcasters I think Tanner, I will I didn't summon you to Tanner's like Beetlejuice if you say his name three times, he will appear in your chat room. But Tanner has he had a crap was not a sponsor. I think it might have been a sponsor. It's something like pod Q. He's got this cool thing that he somebody alerted him to and he was talking about it. And like, if you're hearing something audible on a website, you could somehow it hit a button and it sends it to whatever this is. So tan, if you know what that is. It's I think it was pod Q. But it was like Q is qu e u e? I think there's something that I just remember it looked like it was pod Q you whoo, whoo. What's Yeah, so

Jim Collison  1:17:49  
he does standard us as the edges being useful and actually knowing what you're talking about. Yeah, that's, that's a good edge. I think that's a good a good edge to have on that I just hanging around all these podcast influencers, and we all go through these cycles of oh, we just do this? Oh, no, no, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, this is the way to do it, then we're gonna do it this way. And then it's not six months later. It's not what we don't do it that way.

David Jackson  1:18:15  
Well do it this way. And the reason I listened to Tanner, we met at Podcast Movement. And we have, we have very politely realized that most of the time, we're going to agree to disagree with each other. And so like Tanner had a show, saying, Hey, I've seen this news, this new thing. And Spotify, you're going to be able to flip through. And it's a discovery tool. And I came out and said, Yeah, I don't think that's going to do squat. I really just don't. And so that's why I listen to Tanner because he's gonna say something that I'm not like screaming at the the phone kind of thing. But he has a different perspective than I do.

Jim Collison  1:18:51  
Yeah, it's good. It's good. I think it's good to have those folks who listened to that challenge. You challenge your thinking on that to be like, he made

David Jackson  1:19:00  
me go over and look at it, because there was a video of it on pod news. And I was like, huh, this is this is kind of cool. So same thing with EVO Tara. I love EVO Tara. I've known that guy forever. And there are times when he says stuff and I'm not sure that you know, and that's good. We were supposed to I like to think yeah, he says, Tanner says, here's going to hear something disagree then realize he's wrong.

Jim Collison  1:19:25  
Yeah, right. It goes both ways. It goes both ways. Those kinds of things like okay, you know, you can, you can't it's it's particularly fun in the bubble. Like when you're in a podcast bubble of a bunch of podcasters who are all saying the same thing. Oh, and you challenge that? Oh, that's and then they all lose their minds. Oh, no, it's just, it's, it's, it's good to have the circle challenged a little bit just to be kinda like, yeah, no, it doesn't always have to be that way. It can be that way for you. That can be the truth for you. So pretty great.

David Jackson  1:19:57  
I'm still on a search for a pod cue you You something

Jim Collison  1:20:01  
the other along these lines of new services and new things and all this kind of stuff. I think we also have to take in, take into mind the that some of these things, it's okay if they only last six months. Like it's okay. They did some things. They tried it for a time it was popular now it's not. And I think sometimes we feel like we've got to buy into stuff and it's got to last forever. And that's not true either. There are, listen, there will be a day I know it's it's hard to believe there will be a day when tick tock is irrelevant. What ever, right? Everybody's all like, oh, tick tock and tick tock and I got it. I got it. This is the tick tock of for podcast writers and blah, blah, blah. Oh, my God. Well, but tick tock is hot right now. Oh, it's it's, although as soon as I said that somebody's like, well, whatever is hotter. Like, okay, that's fine, you know, whatever. But there are moments as podcasters we need to pay attention, these micro focused things where you know, you just pay attention for the short term. Yeah, it'll probably go away. But it may not, it may not be a bad idea to pay attention to it now.

David Jackson  1:21:08  
Yeah, pod Q is pod qu e The Missing listen later for audio on the web. So I guess if you're on a website, I need to play with this. Because I'm like, I don't know how many times I get a website. And there's audio. Because if it's audio nine times out of 10. It's a podcast and I'll just go to my podcast app and find it but it looks. It looks interesting. And then Jeff brings up a point What about MySpace? MySpace was too big to fail. And I've said for years Facebook will eventually. Yeah, eventually. Now of course, as long as I live

Jim Collison  1:21:41  
long enough day is not today. It's not today. Yeah. Today, it's still a really powerful platform

David Jackson  1:21:47  
Christmas. He says he loves Tik Tok. I went over and looked at tick tock their website without signing up for an account and just said, this is going to suck all of my time. I just went it's kind of like a fire of me. I was like, I don't have time for that. Because just I was just watching and going, Wow, that's dumb. That's well, that's what and then that's bad lip syncing. That's bad. And the whole time, I'm just like, nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing. And I looked at, I was like, wow, I just spent 20 minutes looking at nothing. And I went yeah, that's, that's why I need to stay away from that. Kyle bond doses NAFTA for the wind.

Jim Collison  1:22:21  
Yeah, yeah. So

David Jackson  1:22:23  
yeah, Coltrane says I long for the days that Facebook dies. I have been playing. I know I mentioned it. Wait a minute, before we move off of that, why are we bashing on influencers? Anyway? Isn't anyone who is a person with something of value to say an influencer? I would say, yeah, there is the thing, the the thing that drives me bonkers. And not that I'm the guru of all gurus, but when I see at Libsyn, an email come in, that says, I'm working with a client, and we're having a hard time uploading to Apple. I go, then come on, you have a client, and you don't understand that you don't upload things to Apple, and then some time, but and by that, I mean, it's not that they just said it wrong. It's that they don't understand the fundamentals of how a podcast, that's when I go, that's the person I'm like, Okay, you might not want to take that person's advice. In the same way. I don't know a musician that said there were five strings on a guitar, I'd be like, there's actually six technically you had time seven. You know what I mean? There are things there it what how's the old saying goes? It's better to be thought a an expert than to open your mouth and remove all prove that you're not? Yeah, something like that. Yeah.

Jim Collison  1:23:44  
Yeah, for sure. Man, the chat rooms lighten up. Yeah. Thanks for coming out Tanner.

David Jackson  1:23:48  
Yeah, it's Tanner and Jeff always come in. They

Unknown Speaker  1:23:50  
like to stir the pot. Good. Yeah. That's it.

David Jackson  1:23:55  
Tanner says, you know how many people don't know what they're doing? Well, then that's where you get into we I think we talked about this a couple of weeks ago with people at Podcast Movement, wanting you to show you an app that is solving a problem that doesn't exist. They're like, look, you can actually send voice mail to the podcaster. And you're like, oh, like SpeakPipe or pod inbox? Or, or like that's already like, that's already been solved. Thanks for helping but you know,

Jim Collison  1:24:23  
it's well, but sometimes we get into this camp syndrome, where I've got to be in a camp. So if I, if we were seeing this in the chat room right now. Like there's some definitely people who are don't like tick tock. Let's just go to that. Yeah. And it's okay. Don't like it doesn't mean you have to bash it or say it's irrelevant, or it's irrelevant right now. Like, but you doesn't mean you have to like it. You can just be like, Yeah, I'm not like I don't I don't have the app. I don't look at it. Sometimes it shows up on Facebook or whatever. There's some interesting things my my wife's been using him instead in Tik Tok stuff to do The kids in the family Chesa. But just be okay with like, okay, it doesn't really, that doesn't really work. For me. It's kind of like going back to the discussion we had with Coach Dave, where he's like, Well, why aren't you using the Lipson app? Well, it doesn't work for me. Like, I don't want to that that's okay. It's okay to say, yeah, now I'm just not that interested in doing those kinds of things. But we don't always have to be to the other side of it, where it's like, oh, that's the dumbest thing I've ever, you know, okay. No, it's, that's, it doesn't always have to be that way. We have a tendency to want, you know, always want to differentiate things that way. And that's okay. If you just be like, Yeah, I don't, doesn't work for me.

David Jackson  1:25:38  
I just typed into Google, tick tock expert. And we came across Michael Sanchez. So this guy compared to me is an expert. Because I don't do tick tock right now. I don't hate it. I just looked at and went, Yeah, I don't have enough time to be playing with that. So, you know, so this guy is now an expert. He's, he's put in the thing. You know, you can do consulting and things like that. And so yeah, he's an expert. Because I don't know anything. But that doesn't. And I again, I have no idea who Michael Sanchez is, but I just, he might be just jumping on that because tiktoks hot. So

Jim Collison  1:26:11  
let him be an expert if he wants to be one. Like, it's okay. But I mean, why it's I yeah, I don't know. I don't know why we were sometimes we worry about the things that's like it's okay. Let him just let Think about how many blab or how many clubhouse experts that we have? You know, yeah, you know, I'm going all in on this thing. Great. You know, go go for it. And until it's not until it's not right, that's awesome. Listen, I and I never want to wish that those things fail. Right? Well, I would hope they would be successful. But they not they weren't. Yeah. So you know,

David Jackson  1:26:50  
next week, we'll be talking about NF T's. And everything else. Yeah. So Jim, what's coming up on home gadget geeks over at the average?

Jim Collison  1:27:03  
Yeah, I took a break Easter weekend, I had to do my taxes. Yeah, I just took you know, because I could take the week off. So if you want to see some great back episodes or need something, listen to home gadget

David Jackson  1:27:15  
And on the school of podcasting, I have two interviews in the can I can't decide which one I want to put out. I might also just do an episode on dynamic content. Because last week, as I mentioned earlier, I was using dynamic content and found out that you probably should have it right the first time when you upload it because re putting in all the dynamic content later. There's caching involved, there are things that I think people don't think about and it dawned on me there are a lot of companies I mean, there's there's Lipson, there's Captivate, there's pod bean has dynamic stuff, blueberry, if you go on their enterprise, like almost every kind of, I shouldn't say every there are many podcast hosts that are now offering dynamic content. And if you're going to jump on that, there are some things you might want to think about, like volume levels, so that when your ad comes on in the middle, it doesn't blast the you know, doesn't make your audience deaf. That was what might be I will decide that after I do my taxes sometime between now and Monday, but thanks to the chat room, thanks to Mark over podcast thanks to Dan at based on a true story. thanks to James at the dog Podcast Network. We will be here next Saturday with another episode of Ask the podcast coach

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