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April 11, 2015

Your Shows Format Will Evolve

Your Shows Format Will Evolve

Your Shows Format Will Evolve

The show must go on! Dave's site is being bombarded with all sorts of bad stuff. Thanks to twitter and our community we all got together. Dave is getting prepared to the go to the New Media Expo

Thankfully for Google+ as a backup. 

In regards to Spreaker and Mixlr, the Mixlr chat is better. 

[7:00] Patent Troll Defeated.

Full story. If you were worried about this, its pretty much done. 

[10:15] Podcasting Fears: I might get fired.

Dave is preparing for his speach, and talks about a podcaster who was fired from his job for his podcast. The good news, he was hired by one of his his listeners.

In reality any form of social media can get you fired. 

[16:00] Podcast Life Cycle

Most people don't make a success with their first podcast, or they may change formats after a while. 

We talk about how you are in control of your podcast, you can (and probably will) change the format over time. 

[31:00] NMX Opportunity - Podcasters Shy Away from Doing Live Show

It was interesting that many podcasters shy away from doing a live show that might give them more exposure. 

[32:00] Transferring Your Podcast From Podomatic

If you upgrade to the smallest paid plain, you can enter the code for iTunes to redirect your feed. You should also (for a few months) do the podcast in two places and tell everyone on Podomatic to subscribe in the new website. You can also contact apple at and tell them to redirect your feed. I recommend for hosting or (use the coupon code sopfree at either service). 

[42:36] Reusing Old Content

Jason Bryant from wants to know about releasing old episodes. 



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