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Feb. 6, 2021

Fixing Horrible Audio

Fixing Horrible Audio

Be Oprah, Learn Your Yeti, and fix your audio

Dave found a question in a Facebook group explaining that his audio sounded bad, and he gave numerous clues as to why.

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00:01:00 Sponsor:
00:02:22 Mug Shot: Dog Podcast Network
00:03:10 Fixing Crappy Audio
00:08:25 Kill the Kitty
00:10:30 Jim's New Mac
00:20:32 Podcast Editor Getting Started
00:24:01 Keywords and Podcasting
00:27:06 The Awesome Supporters
00:31:23 Music and Making Clips
00:40:37 Podcasts are Going To Die
00:46:29 3038 People Launched a Podcast Yesterday
00:49:36 Lighting Questions
00:56:58 Live Events

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