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June 7, 2015

Glen Beck Sparks Debate - Elevator Pitches - Media Kits

Glen Beck Sparks Debate - Elevator Pitches - Media Kits

Glen Beck Sparks Debate - Elevator Pitches - Media Kits

This week Dave is flying solo, and going "old school" as this originally was Dave flying solo. There were tons of people at podcast midwest so Dave thought he would try doing the show solo.

Spotify is Now In Spotify

2:22 Spotify embraces podcasting. It will be only certain shows through certain vendors starting out, but later this year the gates will be opened wider. 

This is more of an exposure thing than a make money thing (similar to Stitcher). 

Note: Later I contacted spotify, told them my user name and I can now see my show (kind of). 

Right now you can get to SPotify through Libsyn (get a free month at Libsyn using the coupon code sopfree). 

Soundcloud is also a destination from your Libsyn account (so you can have it published multiple places when you press publish in Libsyn)

Glenn Beck Lights a Fire a Podcast Movement 

11:22  People are stating they will not attend Podcast Movement because Glenn Beck is coming. Really?

Save at Podcast Movement (using the coupon sop ).

12:58 Dave gets a "bah Bah Booey" caller

When you get callers that have nothing to say, you need to identify them and move on quickly. 

Developing Your Brand

17:08  Michael Ray comments on Beck and the Red Podcast and wants help developing an elevator pitch.

More on Glenn Beck

24:45 Michael Dell chimes in on Beck and Podcast Movement

We also talk about Howard Stern

Is Feedburner The Main Issue Still?

29:23 Feedburner has always caused problems. Is it still the #1 issue for causing problems. 

Mike does the Podcast Help Desk show, and that there are things that are being told to the podcast community and they are just not accurate.

New Version of Audacity?

32:46 Is it stable? I have not played with the new version. I've heard Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast spoke about the new version. Audacity is much more stable, and I've not heard any horror stories since the new version has come out. As always save often no matter what program you are using. 

Promo Kits

36:03 Hank is putting together Media Kits. Check them out at

Nick from SPNT.TV seems to think this is a good deal. Here is Nick's Media Kit for his Inside the Jungle Podcast


57:48  Its a new service that is going to launch. They are going to try to get advertising for smaller shows. The price will range $18 - $25 per CPM. In my opinion, CPM (cost per thousand downloads) is the way to go for 92% of podcasters. 

Dave earned money referring people to purchase Fitbits.

Dave's New Intro For a Show Coming in the Future

1:03:05Dave will be launching a "one topic at a time" on a show called, "How to podcast." Do you get the clearing of the throat..

Music Radio Creative makes great intro and outros. 



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