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Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting is joined by special co-host Monica Rivera from the You Wanna Do What? podcast to talk a bit about her time after doing a fellowship with NPR

8:40 The Secrets of Dynamic Communication

11:48 Using Transcriptions to speed up your editing (check out o…

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1:30 The best money I've ever spent on Podcast was ....

7:08 Is this many downloads good for my show?

11;45 Starting off your show with a mistake got Dave a ton of "engagement."

12:55 Should I upgrade to a Sure SM7B with a Cloudlifter? or Should I go DBX286? Also, see a Fethead

17:00 Wordpress …

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[10:50] Is Anchor the New YouTube?

[15:51] Celebrity in Podcasting

[19:00] Global Audience Agency

[25:00] Does all the garbage block good shows?

[26:50] Doing a show like Joe Rogan

[38:00] Cross promotion after 235 episodes and WEB RINGS

39:53 Thanks to ALL of your Supporters see www.askthepo…

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3:48 Should I take time off for the holidays and skip some episodes

7:25 What email address should I use, my name or something generic like "Feedback?"

11:15 Facebook groups rarely give you a usable answer ( and can't take a yes or no answer)

15:13 Does speeding up playback make them sound like …

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We do not use the YouTube chat. Visit us at

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See for more details.

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Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting speaking at We Are Podcast in Brisbane Australia talking about the top 10 mistakes podcasters make.
1. Get Rich Quick
2. Recording vs Content Creation
3. It's not the Technology
4. Not Having a Budget
5. Realistic Expectations
6. Impossible to Contact
7. …

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Today on episode 230 we are joined by Emily Prokop who has her book "The Story Behind" launching next week and is the host of the Story Behind Podcast and an editor at Epodcast Productions

Dave binge listened on Making Oprah (now renamed Making Obama)

[4:42] Are there too many podcasts?

[10:43] …

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A quick video about how podcasting is growing and continue to grow.
Check out

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Today we are joined by John Bukenas from Audio Editing Solutions

2:50 Finding your saved Facebook posts are at

3:52 Audiograms?

8:50 What do I put in the author tag for Apple?

12:10 the Band Hammer from Apple

15:36 What do you do with TV shows?

23:08 Underdog Podcasting…

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I liked how the episode started (although for me, you could use some bass in your intro) but you did GREAT explaining what the show was about, getting to you, and then you did a very brief introduction of Danny saying he did a podcast and the name of the …

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The Blue yeti microphone gets a bad wrap for being a horrible microphone because it picks up so much background noise (it does). This is often caused by having the settings wrong on the microphone and not being close enough to the microphone and not using a pop filter. The pop filter (like the micr…

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So many people don't listen to podcasts because they don't know what they are missing. As podcasters, we need to let them know what they are missing.

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With 13 years of podcasting under his belt, Dave Jackson shares what it takes to not only start a podcast but how to keep it going. How to avoid podfade, burnout, and divorce. He will show you the tools he's used to speed up his podcast production, and allow him to (almost) keep his sanity. If you …

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How adding stories to football makes me want to watch it more

[4:55] Should I join a podcast network?

[12:10] Hardware deals from Jim

[17:25] a Discussion of OneDrive from Microsoft


24:00 Thoughts on relying on your guest to promote your show (from Jos…

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July 1, 2018

Nox Android Emulator

This is a quick segment from the Ask the Podcast Coach with Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting, Jim Collison from, and Bill Hutchison from

Software is for Windows at

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June 14, 2018

Because Of My Podcast

Here is a compilation of many people I've interviewed over the years. We will be back soon with more episodes.

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I've tried and I see where pippa has built-in transcription, but how accurate are these? I'm finding that the time I spend fixing the errors I could spend that time typing the show notes and save the time waiting for transcription.

There are services that have HUMANS trascribe your show a…

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Dave Jackson and Erik K Johnson Review Amidlife Traveler

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