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Videos Today I do a couple of quick searches to see how the entertainment industry is doing as podcasting continues to grow.

View more This is an update version of a tutorial I did a few years ago. With Skype disabling software programs from recording the calls (if they use the skype API), I thought I'd provide an updated tutorial to show you how to record any skype call using a $35 microphone…

View more is a website where you can create custom t-shirts to promote your podcast and get people talking about your show.

View more Today I explain how promoting your podcast with t-shirts is a great way to get your name out there, but on demand t-shirts can be expensive. Here are links to the sites mentioned: (in some cases affiliate links)

View more today we see that just being on a popular site doesn't mean you will get tons of listeners. Of these two (Blog Talk Radio and Spreaker), I like spreaker better as their sound quality is better and their technology seems more stable. You can find out more and try…

View more Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting shows you how to link to your podcast listing in iTunes.

View more I'm working on a new podcast episode about WHY people listen, and what makes "WOW" content. I would love your input. P.S. I recorded this using the "Webcam" feature of youtube. Not a huge fan... Check out Dan Klass at

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Dec. 15, 2012

My Thoughts on PodBean Today I show you how podbean ranks compared to my two favorites media hosts. If you use the code sopfree you can get a free month at Be very careful with hosts that submit your feed to iTunes "for you."

View more Today Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson shows how targeting only iTunes means you may be missing 42% of your audience (if not more). I show how Jillian Michaels and David Lee Roth have kind of missed the podcasting boat (two people I respect and would love to help)

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In this tutorial I show you how to extract the audio using a free audio tool called -Audacity.- For more information in how to turn this into a podcast visit

View more In this coaching session I show you an alternative to posting your podcast. There is nothing wrong with using the "normal" (html) way of publishing on I've had a few people ask me about's quick cast. This will will take your upload, and turn it into an…

View more Today I show you ONE of the reason NOT to use you website host as your media host. Even if they say "Unlimited bandwidth" it's NOT. Typically they mean for web pages (not media). In this example I was asked to look into the site because their numbers were…

View more A podcast needs to be delivered via RSS. If not its just audio on a website. In this quick tutorial I show you how many people are confused by putting a soundcloud player on their website. For my recommended tools to podcast see

View more This is a great DYNAMIC USB microphone that can operate as an XLR microphone as well and it sounds great. It's around $80 on amazon at and it's little borhter the Audio technica 21000 goes for around $49 at Both are great mics that allow you to…

View more In this tutorial I show you how to avoid having your podcast be held hostage. For more tips check out my podcast in iTunes at

View more Today we talk about making a good first impression with your podcast, and some common mistakes people make hurrying to publish their podcast. For more tips go to or

View more shows you numerous ways to make money from a podcast. Today we get a glimpse into affiliate marketing. More Podcast Money is an ebook and course all for one low price. It's time to get paid at

View more Today I talk about the EASY way to record Skype that will make great sounding recordings. For more information about starting a podcast check out my website at

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