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Based on a True Story

00:01:45 Sponsor:
00:03:10 Mugshot: based on a true story podcast…

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00:02:51 Mugshot: Based on a True Story Podcast
00:03:43 How Far Technology Has Come
00:10:00 The Maturing of Audio
00:19:21 Average YouTube Views
00:26:41 Did Dave Break The Law?
00:31:09 Thanks To Our Supporters
00:34:38 How To Start After Your Stop

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People can't stand that I said there isn't a podcast discovery problem. What they are really saying is people can't find MY podcast.

Could it be your podcast isn't as special as you think it is?

Here is the article

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I am seeing more and more people get into podcasting to make money. Here are the steps.
1. Grow Your Audience
2. Monetize

You can't do step 2 without doing step 1. There is no way around that. You can't monetize dust. Yet people keep themselves "BUSY" so they can avoid putting themselves out there…

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Today I share how some people are doing (apparently) ZERO Research when it comes to their podcast name.

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Lazy Podcasters Part 1: Show Players

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So many people think there is a HUGE discovery issue in podcasting. These same people have not taken some very easy step to help their podcast get found.
One way to think of a podcast is to think of each episode as a blog with a player on it. This:

Helps you get found
Makes it easier to share

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01:12 Sponsor:
02:34 Mug Shot:
03:55 Mic Technique
12:42 The Evergreen steps of a Podcast Launch
15:55 Attention Span
24:49 Are You Bored With Your Podcast?
32:13 Awesome Supporters
36:45 Clifton Strengths
45:53 100 Hours Really?
46:37 How t…

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01:05 Sponsor: Podcast Branding
02:54 Jim's Generator Saves the Day
07:08 Is Podcasting Success Impossible?
27:30 Getting Started Podcasting
40:05 What to Do With Bad Audio


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Today we look at Dumb People With Bad Ideas.
You’re fascinated with people who make mistakes and ALSO want to know more about the world but don’t want to read? In each episode, your brilliant and handsome narrator guides you through a single well-researched story of dumb people, stupid…

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Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Erik K. Johnson from Podcast Talent Coach take a look at the Pharmacist's Voice hosted by Kim Newlove. Here is the description of the podcast: The Pharmacist’s Voice

The Phar…

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Today Dave share his experiences form the Spark Podcast Christian Conference.

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M-Audio Solo

Audio Technica AT2005

Zoom M1 Dynamic Microphone
00:44 Hey It…

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June 19, 2021

Ask the Podcast Coach

Today Dave shares some behind the scenes of his recent Adam Curry interview. We also talk about downloads and when they do and do not matter. 


If you need a logo, podcast artwork, or a full website, Mark is an award-winning graphic designer as well as a podcaster. If y…

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In today's episode, I can't hang on long as the host has a pretty bad plosive issue. If you need help with microphone technique, come visit me at

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Today we get a question about bringing traffic to your website (but with the wrong tool). You might try something like Mango Tools to boost your SEO.


If you need a logo, artwork, full website or an audit of your current brand, check out


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This video assumes you've submitted your show, and you're episodes have been appearing in Apple, but then all of the sudden, at least for this episode, it is taking longer.

Answer: Apple recently updated how they handle podcasts, and it's taking (apparently) longer. Also if you published every we…

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Today we start off with someone wanting to sound "like the radio." We also have not one, not two, but THREE Hardware questions to let Jim get his nerd on. 

If you need a logo, artwork, website, or a full branding audit, check out Mark from He's desig…

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01:21 Sponsor:
03:16 Apple Update
12:33 Handling Negative Comments
19:56 People Are Stealing Shows
28:18 Thanks To Our Supporters
32:41 Speed Up Editing
36:38 Using Video With Your Podcast
40:03 Separate Video Tracks
43:25 When Does It Make Sense To Pay Someone To Do It

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